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09122020 7:34:00

Now I know why I kept dreaming about FIlA! But I still have not found the cool drawstring backpack or the shoes and jacket from my dream. If I see it, I would totally buy it. But it’s not because of BTS. It’s interesting how they broke it down and showed us each member sayingContinue reading “09122020 7:34:00”

09112020 19:49:00

Hell on earth… that’s what it looks like in the west coast. My car is covered in white particles and it’s hard to breathe. I felt like passing out while driving home. I was a little glad that I’m not in the bay but the thought of people burning in their cars driving away wasContinue reading “09112020 19:49:00”

08302020 23:35:00

I was so sleepy all day and suddenly I’m wide awake all because of pink sweats. He has a very interesting voice that I don’t want to stop listening to. It’s almost as addicting as Jungkook’s. If I was him, I’d never stop singing. His tunes have this familiar feel to it but a niceContinue reading “08302020 23:35:00”

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