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10/15/21 12:52:00

Hi Folks! I know I said I was going to Vlog if I ever get the vaccine. Well it turns out that I have decided to get it tomorrow. I am not going to vlog the actual footage of me going to the hospital because it’s too chaotic over there and honestly… I’m nervous…about theContinue reading “10/15/21 12:52:00”

08232021 11:42:00

Unbelievable, the FDA is going to approve pfvizer just so people are more willing to take the vaccine and employers are forced to mandate the shots and fire those who are not vaccinated. I am at a crossroads. If I cannot decide, I will have to flip a coin. Part of me is saying thereContinue reading “08232021 11:42:00”

8/9/21 13:09:00

It’s been a very long time… you’re probably wondering what in the world happened. For starters, I had to prepare myself for one of the best nights of my life. I practiced every day for a week to change my biological clock to Tokyo time so that I was able to stay awake for theContinue reading “8/9/21 13:09:00”

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