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06052020 18:42:08

Dream 1: Tonight I was at a crowded train station getting on to a bus, but a woman pulled me into her jacket and pushed me down. I wanted to lay down because I knew someone was shooting randomly. The active shooter was at a distance close to a mall, but it felt like heContinue reading “06052020 18:42:08”

06012020 10:00:36

Good morning, the people here have gone overboard with all the protests and fires. They say it’s for peace and freedom and justice over George Floyd. But they are just making things worse. They probably do not see an outcome and are just ready to end their lives from being quarantined for so long. TheContinue reading “06012020 10:00:36”

05.14.2020 19:38:00

I made a game today called Sweet Land. (Using your arrow keys and space bar to shoot, you must dodge and destroy unhealthy food with watermelons and get the highest score with only 3 lives. I got 11 points, let me know your score!) I got very sick again yesterday after drinking a liver cleanseContinue reading “05.14.2020 19:38:00”

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