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06022021 15:24:00

I feel really strange today. I tried ZZZQUIL last night. It worked, but I woke up at 4! I was wide awake before the birds started singing. I love their song and I was so energized, but then when it was 7, I was ready to go back to bed. Now I’m like a slothContinue reading “06022021 15:24:00”

05282021 11:11:00

Taka…this song is too sad. =[ BUT sometimes it’s necessary to express these types of feelings. This song came right on time for what happened to me this week. I tried so hard this YEAR to accidentally relapse the other day. I was not thinking clearly and the only thing I had in my mindContinue reading “05282021 11:11:00”

05242021 14:44:00

If I am dreaming about Bart Simpson, then something is off. I cannot pinpoint or predict what will happen. It is another warning about a possible fire. I think it is either Wok or Bart Simpson, or it could have been both just switching bodies on me. I found “Bart” standing in front of aContinue reading “05242021 14:44:00”

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