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04042020 21:00:00

This is day 59 since I’ve been in quarantine before it was officially announced by President Trump. If you are reading my story, you must be really bored or are wondering what life was like for a single Asian girl in America during the Covid-19 Pandemic. If you are a survivor, feel free to chime in with your daily life on lockdown or simply read my crazy story …

I am afraid of what will come next, but before I start on the present, let’s begin with a little background starting in my quest to find my true calling and the meaning of life. I usually get what my heart wishes for, so I am very afraid to make a wish because it always comes true in a strange and scary way. You might think I am a witch or a devil but I try my best to be a good person. This is a horror story, not a hopeful one, so if you’re looking for something to lift your spirits, this is not the place. But my life is not a horror book, it is not sad even though I look like I am crying everyday, I don’t think I’m sad.

I have a secret to share with you, but I’ve heard many others with the same “gift.” I have dreams and nightmares of the future. So I will use this blog to describe them to you and you can interpret them how you like. The most recent disturbing dream I had this month was a hallway of doctors and staff covered in blue suits falling. The current news where I live is 100 people gone, but soon enough, we could be like Wuhan or Italy. I pray every night, very careful of what I wish for because any thought that I have might turn into an unwanted wish.

Currently, I am multitasking, watching the China in Focus NTD news on youtube as I type this story. I will just write what comes to mind with no edits. (Because who has time for that?) So basically, this is my diary about my life, my diet and my odd dreams. Just yesterday, I messaged my sister in law about the urns in China being packed with multiple bodies, so the number of urns do not count how many people have been lost to the virus. The news just reported that China has been putting multiple bodies in urns for years, so my questions have just been answered tonight at 22:22 PDT.

I should go to bed now, but I have not been able to sleep. I stay up usually looking up cures, herbal remedies, or how to bake something chocolatey. but when I do sleep, I have nightmares. I’ve been dreaming a lot about different family members. (Just so you know, I have 7 Brothers and 2 Sisters–7 of my siblings are alive and spread out in America and Asia.) I am temporarily homeless and couch surfing because things do not go according to plan and the quarantine changed my life and my new plans for the future.


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