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04052020 0:00:00 PDT

It is midnight, I can feel my temperature rising as if I have a fever and my body is sweating like crazy. The heater is not even on nor is the humidifier. I’ve been battling flu-like symptoms since early January. I am currently staying with family temporarily until the pandemic ends. I estimate it will slow down in February 2022, but I don’t have much time left. I’ve been saying that for several years. When I was 5, my mom made some friends with fortune tellers at a party. I remember vaguely they predicted that I would get very ill when I reach my 30s. SO FAR THEY ARE RIGHT! … but they never predicted I would be living in a pandemic.

As you may know from my About Me Page, I had a poltergeist following me (and possibly several other demons attached to me, according to my Christian friends). Every night I pray to God to guide them to their realm and to have mercy on us all. (I believe it is working!!) After my work incident at the bakery, my friend–a scientist in the Bay shared with me movies about the End of the World that brought light into my life and a new perspective on the Pandemic. (Convergence and Before the Wrath)

It is now 00:19 and my fever has gone down, I feel almost normal again. I would go to sleep, but I took a vitamin a couple hours ago (which might be keeping me up.) I’ve been eating lots of guacamole because we have an abundance of avocados from our tree in the back yard. I have not really left the house since December which was when I moved in with my brother temporarily as my mom was visiting the West Coast. I guess you could say, I’ve been preparing for my end for the past couple years…I just did not realize it would be this soon with this many people.

Here’s some background for you: In September 2019, my heart was broken by a Taiwanese man I met on Tinder. I did not know that I was ever going to fall in love again after my long term relationship failed back in 2016-ish (00:30 PDT – I am getting another fever and starting to get nauseous…) To be continued …

P.S. I heard people in China were writing blogs in google docs, but I don’t know how to find them. If you know what I’m talking about, please share them with me, because I would like to read their stories too even though it is in Mandarin. I am still learning Chinese, so if it is translated, that would be nice.


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