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04072020 22:30:00

I spent the entire day learning how to draw through apps. Most of them were not compatible with my device, but I managed to find sketchpad 5.1 and made a chibi cartoon of myself (I’ll replace it with a cupcake later!). It rained too much, so this is day 2 of hardly any exercise. I used the step machine for 10 minutes and the hula board for 5 minutes. Tomorrow I’ll definitely do some jumping squats because I ate Jjajangmyeon, 4 sliders, french fries, fried rice, clementines and an ice-cream sandwich! (The most unhealthy meals this week!) I mean, there’s no point in fasting for 18 hours if I eat like that! Lili, my 8 year-old niece designed me in her game. She gave me goggles, a face mask, a pet mouse and made sure my face was stuffed with cupcakes ^_^* LOL!

Today’s coronavirus topic is the infected Tigers and 2 dogs in Hong Kong! People are still unsure if their pets can spread the virus, but if anything, we have spread it to the pets! I saw 3 cats coughing, sneezing and trying to vomit 2 weeks ago. They were extremely sluggish and creepy. The following day, there was news that the hanta virus is spreading amongst rats in Europe. I assumed the cats had hanta virus, but now I know it must be coronavirus. Last night I watched a video on a mysterious bacteria that attacks humans and fish through the air (linked below). The bacteria attacks human blood and fish blood, but not dog blood. I heard China was testing if coronavirus affects certain blood types, but at this point, I doubt those findings are significant because it can also attack cats, and dogs! This is very scary and I am glad I do not have any pets these days.

Dream – I dreamt of kittens and a fat cat pouncing on ducklings while a woman was getting questioned where she was going. She wanted to go to a cooking class, but she seemed uncomfortable as if she was caught in a lie.

I ran out of probiotics today, so I have to go out to get some soon! I’m also running out of vitamins and Kyolic aged garlic. All I have left are monolaurin and clove oil. I’m afraid to go outside because Cheesecake (my bro) was coughing a lot; and when I stood by his room, I started to cough (THAT’S HOW FAST the virus in his room spreads!) I’ll just stick to my ginger turmeric tea for now until the storm is over at least.


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