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04082020 1:22:00

If this is overwhelming, I’m scared of what’s coming in the next couple of weeks for America. It doesn’t matter how many videos I’ve seen or how many nightmares I’ve had; there’s no way to prepare for the daunting truth.

My sister, ChickenPotPie is working at an OBGYN office and just sent me a group text about how painful the COVID-19 swab test is because the stick goes in so far up her nose. I left her message on unread because we are not exactly on talking terms. I know that our future is a bit grim, but I do not have the will to reply or to warn her of anything, since she always acts like she already knows everything all the time. -_- I do not want to bother getting into any silly arguments these days and I’d rather we all stay as stressed free as possible.

Every night before I sleep, I always remember my dreams from previous nights, but it’s not like it continues. Actually, I wouldn’t know because I usually fall asleep around 06:30:00 and have vivid dreams around 10:00:00. So my last dream is very disturbing:

I was on a beach with my family having a picnic and celebrating something that felt like my last 4th of July. I had to gather my things by the volley ball net, but so many items were left behind. ChickenPotPie shot me a stern look for even mentioning how there were so many of our things lying around on the side walk and brushed me off because the van was already full. I was surprised to see SugarPie because he lives so far from us in reality, but he helped loaded the car and kept me calm even though the air was extremely tense (as if we were running from a zombie apocalypse). The driver was StrawberryPie (we are also not on talking terms). BabyDill was already buckled in the car, but he asked me to go to the bathroom. I took him inside the fancy hotel and he led the way to his favorite jacuzzi which was a part of the restroom. He cut an old lady in line and did not want to leave. She was very angry with me. I kept trying to get him out, but he was so stubborn. StrawberryPie was waiting in the hallway with ChickenPotPie. He was so angry with me for taking BabyDill out of the car without his permission. I told StrawberryPie that BabyDill really had to go and does not have a diaper. He did not care, and said “I want to punch you right now!” I was upset, but I tried to play it cool. I had a blue hackie sack in my hand and tried to toss it to StrawberryPie, but he did not want to catch it and stared down at the red velvet floor. The hackie sack fell into the trash bin beside him. I apologized for it landing in the trash and attempted to go pick up the hackie sack. StrawberryPie turned and picked it up for me and we had some sort of understanding that he would do this favor for me this one time, but not ever again. Then BabyDill’s father arrived and I told him telepathically that his child was not listening to me and he needs to go take care of the baby. I can’t remember the rest of the dream, I think I ended up in a living room but the scene is too hazy at the moment…

ChickenPotPie and StrawberryPie were the only ones chatting in the group message. I did not want to participate because of the dream. I have a bad feeling that if I say anything at all, StrawberryPie would be upset about it. BUT, I would have told ChickenPotPie to stop working and spend time with her family, worry about money later. If I were to dissect the meaning of the dream, I am concerned that I saw all of those people in the same place running away from something. The last time I dreamt of seeing everyone in a dream like that was a couple weeks before my father’s sudden funeral.

Song of the day: Toxicity-SOAD …Goodnight world.


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