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04092020 15:03:15

Cloudy urine…it could mean lots of things, but I’m thinking it’s from all that bread in the delicious sliders and the sugar in the ice-cream sandwich. It doesn’t matter how small they are, or if I only took a couple bites from the ice-cream, it got me…It got me so bad, all I did yesterday was try to fall asleep, but I just couldn’t. It’s my fault I took a vitamin before bedtime on Tuesday night. So since I stayed up all night, I could not fight off any of the virus or bacteria in my body. It was hell. I could feel all the aches in my back and my legs, even my arms. I could feel crawling sensations in my eyelids and a tickling in my feet. It’s disgusting! I felt like the lost boy from Stranger Things whenever the alien was crawling under his neck. I had the urge to just go outside and catch Covid19 so that I could escape this hell quicker. But a little voice inside me just told me to go to sleep; and I was too weak to even walk to the car. Cheesecake had a hunch something was wrong when he noticed I wouldn’t get up at my usual time at 05:00:00 so he made me move my car for street sweeping (which I don’t think it even came) and I tried my best to go on the treadmill for a walk. But my legs couldn’t handle it, and each step was painful and heavy. I think I took a nap afterwards and I wanted to sleep until the morning, but I forced myself to eat a second meal because I couldn’t stop thinking about biting into a juicy green apple. If I don’t write in this journal, I will forget everything. I feel like I can hardly remember yesterday correctly and I am mixing it up with Tuesday. I don’t know! But I will just continue to write for you.

I heard that there is a famine in China, probably Wuhan. The shelves are empty and there is no rice. I usually don’t eat rice, and if I do, it’s less than a cup of cooked rice, which I need for the stews and soups that are a bit salty and savory. The only rice we have is very stiff and tastes like plastic, I have no appetite today! I usually eat around 16:30:00, but I’m experiencing cotton mouth right now! YUCK! Wednesday, I ate 3 bowls of pork stew with eggplant, green papaya, squash and very bitter green leaves…a chicken whole thigh, and a big bite of the left over ice-cream sandwich! WOW I just realized how much meat I ate. Oh yea, and guacamole with cheesey Dorito chips–YIKES!!! I remember I was in search for some mozarella cheese, but I couldn’t find any. I was out of control last night despite the fact that I had to force myself to eat dinner. Lili also gave me a stick of cheesey-chicken wrapped in a flour tortilla which got me craving more cheese! URGH…I think my train of thought was, I might as well enjoy my last few meals instead of trying to be healthy, or maybe I wasn’t thinking at all! Today I will do better, I promise…

This video was very interesting. His advice I need to remember is to keep moving, and use the humidifier carefully (as in do not make the room too moist or too dry). It was very interesting, I had a lot to say about the video earlier, but I forgot now because I wrote so much about yesterday’s meal LOL!

Yesterday, I watched The Epoch Time’s documentary about COVID19 getting leaked by the lab in Wuhan. It is so scary how they made CCP the villain purposely trying to take over the world and killing off all their own people. This is just crazy, I think it was an accident and they are just trying their best to cover it up because they don’t want to take the blame. (If you were CCP, what would you do!?) Supposedly they were the ones who came up with Remdesivir which is sort of a cure, but not really? That’s just ridiculous…if it was on purpose, then the creators would know where to hide and survive…HAHA that reminds me of the Thailand leader who rented an entire hotel in Germany with his female servants. OK, I’m done. I need to finish listening to The Art of War–Sun Tzu.


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