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04122020 19:20:01

Happy Easter! I’ve been MIA because I got really sick after not sleeping for 2 nights! There have been discussion lately on herd immunity in California and lots of people believe they had Covid19 sometime in November/December. I think it is possible because my niece MeiMei went to the ER twice with flu like symptoms. But then again her doctor supposedly told her she had H1N1 and treated her with Thermaflu, which she did not take (She’s a troll, so it’s hard to believe anything she tells me). I remember she was bedridden for about 3 weeks. A lot of my coworkers in November were also super sick and I would have mild symptoms so I started my quarantine back then. I only went out for work and then I had to move by the end of December. I’m so glad I moved in with Cheesecake during the Pandemic because he has a huge garden and lots of workout equipment to keep me occupied.

After MeiMei got sick, everyone else in the house got very sick and bed ridden for a couple months! I was the last one to catch the bug the first week of February after my incident at the bakery. Not only did I get extremely bad flu like symptoms, I also had pain and ringing in my ears. I couldn’t breath at night and had about 3 fevers.

One night I thought I was going to suffocate, all I thought about at the time was Dumpling! So I said my goodbyes. (He thought I was very weird.) But today is the first time I actually believe that we are truly incompatible and he is definitely not my type anymore because we have nothing in common!

Anyway, here are steps that I took to fight off the virus which lasted over 2 months: A whole bottle of NyQuil for the first week; followed by some Tylenol (when I couldn’t stand the pain), clove oil (2x because I developed thrush), organic vitamin overdose (Solarray and Mykind), garlic pills (3rd week), probiotics (at the very end when I was starting to feel better), and Neomycin droplets (for my ear pain whenever it was unbearable). I made sure to drink a lot of lemon water, until the tree was out of lemons and kept the heater and humidifier on at a bearable level. I will start taking more Monolaurin when I run out of the garlic pills, (which is in a few days). I drink ginger turmeric tea every now and then when I get nauseated.

Every time I left the room (to hang out with the kiddos), I would get reinfected! I think there were different strands of virus in the house since we have so many members attending different schools at the time. It got to a point where I was just ready to give up my quarantine, but then the president announced the lockdown and it was too late for me to make a move. By the time I was feeling well enough to go to the stores, everything was closed down and I couldn’t get anything I was looking for. It looked like a ghost town and all the store signs were taken down and out of business. I felt so sad, like I am living in a horror movie hiding from zombies and cops!

I notice that nowadays when I step outside, I cough less, so I guess I could say I finally healed from “flu like” symptoms.

Now I’m doing my best to stay away from sugar, but I am failing miserably because I always want icecream >.< and I’m starting to grow a belly. I try my best to run on the treadmill whenever I feel well enough, but it’s not as good as running at the beach. I drove to the beach and a boy tumbled to his car complaining how he felt so sick and was about to vomit. I was scared, so I drove away without helping him because I couldn’t tell if he was trolling, and I also didn’t have a parking permit which is suddenly required due to the lockdown. There were so many people still walking at the beach, so I avoided them and drove to the park on the other side of the city!

To my surprise, there were still lots of people on the track at the park even though signs were put up. I shouldn’t have been outside at the time, but I really needed to walk because I was quarantined literally in my bed for 2 months straight (which drove me nuts). But, I felt super guilty every time I saw old people walking by, so I ran away from them and decided not to go back outside ever again unless I really had to. That was the day I went to the market to get milky chocolate candy, which thankfully I still have. I wanted to go to the other store to get pink himalayan salt, but that store was closed down! I sure miss my jelly drinks and boba cafes! (I fill the void with YouTubes of cakes and other pretty pastries.) OMG my sis-in-law just gave me a bowl of sticky rice dessert! Ciao for now.


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