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05022020 17:20:09

I’ve been having abdominal pain all week. I thought it was from flax seeds, but it can’t be since I’ve had some months and years before and I was fine. BUT there are way too many changes to my diet that I cannot trace back to what is really causing the pain and the bloating. The video above shows a rash on the children which looks similar to the cases from videos I saw of the Chinese doctors in Wuhan. But I assumed those doctors were getting rashes from their suites and many layers of plastic wear as protection. (Still, it is a haunting sight. I feel like I am getting PTSD from my own nightmares and images of rows of doctors fainting in the long hallway.) It is not new information to know that virus/bacteria/parasites can attack different parts of the body and affect people differently. The real cure is the amount of willingness the person wants to survive and what that person will sacrifice to remain on earth. You are what you eat and you do what you’ve got to do to make sure your immune system is as strong as it can be. Some people are unlucky and do not have the luxury or means of escaping the areas of high contamination. But it’s those who are in protest that leaves me to wonder what are their real motives and why are they so willing to let the virus in their system.

I STILL have a stomachache and now I’m getting pain on my upper back. I ran 3.71 miles today and drank a ton of water. But I am exhausted. EXHAUSTED of waiting and so on, but I do not want to die by coronavirus because it is p a i n f u l l y slow. How much more do we have to suffer?


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