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05.14.2020 19:38:00

I made a game today called Sweet Land. (Using your arrow keys and space bar to shoot, you must dodge and destroy unhealthy food with watermelons and get the highest score with only 3 lives. I got 11 points, let me know your score!)

I got very sick again yesterday after drinking a liver cleanse from the market. It gave me a bubble in the back of my throat that kept swelling. It ruined my plans to go to the beach! I had to go home immediately to gargle salt, coconut and clove oil to get rid of it. I took a garlic pill before bed and now I am having a fever on and off all day long. I didn’t sleep until 8 this morning and I have dark urine and pain in my lower back again. This is a sign, I definitely should not get any take out anymore since I am a “high risk” patron. I am so frustrated, this does not feel like living at all. I thought I was locked in a cage before quarantine and never expected life to get this worse. My head is aching and I can’t enjoy any food or get any sleep. WTF is this!

I tried to enjoy my time learning something new. I learned about sharks, alligators and snakes. I am so lonely, I want a pet snake, so I made one from clay. Sushi was amazed at how I added the scales on such a tiny sculpture and hinted that we would go to Japan once quarantine is over. I can’t wait, but someone on the news said quarantine will not end anytime soon. I’ve made up my mind and decided that Sushi is the best partner for me after all. Dumpling clearly does not have any interest in commitment and I don’t think we would get along. He brings me a lot of stress and causes too much pain and illness. I think I should block him, but maybe we need some sort of closure first.


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