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06012020 10:00:36

The Hill didn’t allow comments, but my thoughts are below:

Good morning, the people here have gone overboard with all the protests and fires. They say it’s for peace and freedom and justice over George Floyd. But they are just making things worse. They probably do not see an outcome and are just ready to end their lives from being quarantined for so long. The “gangsters” have set mom and pop shops on fire and looted the stores destroying landmarks and burning trees. This is not a result from racism and police injustice because that has been happening and showing up in the news before George Floyd’s viral video. It is because these people are scared and have felt like they lost their freedom and more already due to the quarantine. They had nothing to do and had so much time to gather together on social media and come together to rile things up. I am not on either side. Racism or prejudice is inevitable even in nature. If you study birds or fish, you will see the colors of the species fighting with each other to the death.

It has been a long time since I’ve written. I’ve been recovering from the different viruses that started to attack me after I jogged outside for the first time in a long time. But now that there are these riots, we cannot even go outside without getting attacked by a random pedestrian or by the police. I am very disappointed. I will focus on finding peace. Please listen and calm your minds and try to find another way, people: CleanseOurSoul Zen-Make Peace


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