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06052020 18:42:08

Dream 1:

Tonight I was at a crowded train station getting on to a bus, but a woman pulled me into her jacket and pushed me down. I wanted to lay down because I knew someone was shooting randomly. The active shooter was at a distance close to a mall, but it felt like he was coming towards us. I could see my mom and aunt crouched in another line, and struggled to go toward them, but the woman holding me was too strong. She didn’t want me to get up and walk, but at the same time I wanted to play dead. We all finally stood up and got on the train, but I didn’t get to sit with my mom. I saw my nieces and my cousin all together and I felt so far away. Then I noticed a huge brown scorpion sting my mom on the top of her head. And another on her shoulder. I tried to warn her, but it was too late. People around me brushed it off, but I was so afraid and worried I woke up.

Nightmare 2: A few days ago…

I was in a living room, then (my brother) NuttellaLava came over and confused me so much I started screaming, “What do you want!?” Naturally, he never told me so I got distracted by something that looked like a giant white Queen ant on the table and an army following her. As I pointed, I accidentally poked it and it turned into a mysterious bug that doesn’t exist in the real world mixed with pretty light pink tones. I got so scared, I ran to another room where I found ChickenPotPie getting pleasure from Dumpling! I was shocked and disturbed by the scene and just continued to observe. Then she turned into a white tiger that walked slowly toward the indoor swimming pool. A group of white guys showed up and started filming themselves dipping into the pool. Their cheerful expressions immediately turned into horror as I watched each of them slowly getting bitten and pulled down by the tiger. I saw their faces go pale and lifeless. In the kitchen, I could hear StrawberryPie screaming for ChickenPotPie who ignored him while she was in the basement. Then he started saying my name about 5 times very slowly and started coughing and saying his throat hurts. I was so traumatized, I woke up.

So much happened in that nightmare, I don’t even know where to begin with what happened in real life. Yesterday, there was an army of ants on the porch. My sister in law had to kill them all with some bug spray. Poor ants…she didn’t want them to go inside. A couple days ago, I reached out to see if StrawberryPie was okay. He ended up revealing that he knows all of my secrets and my passwords for my accounts! I was so pissed I didn’t know what to do about it, but at the same time I was relieved that he was feeling healthy because he was crying in pain in my dream. I’m just glad my hacker wasn’t a stranger because I felt something strange was going on with my accounts for months! As for the rest of the dream, I hope it doesn’t happen in any sort of way.

Dream 3:

I was in a very nice facility, it felt like the end scene from “BirdBox” but instead of birds, I saw huge pretty butterflies. My nieces were running around on the nice wooden bridges. Then a big white man with a dumbbell was exercising on the edge of the loft floor. I warned him that he could fall and it is dangerous, but he didn’t care to listen to me. I walked away continuing to admire the colorful butterflies and woke up worried for him.

Cheesecake started putting up his other workout equipments and a hanging bar that looks very dangerous. He makes his children do these crazy exercises. I also saw a lot of butterflies everywhere I go. All of them were gorgeous except for one that looked like a zombie with faded orange and black wings that looked bitten to death, but it was still flying near me as I was trying to unlock the gate. It was creepy, I wonder what kind of caterpillar it was. But trust me, it was not a monarch.


I’ve been really sick for the past couple days. Trying to recover and taking many herbs. Every night I struggle to sleep because I can feel crawling and pinching sensations under my skin. It feels like sonic is running up and down my belly to my thighs. I’ve been so nauseous sometimes I feel like I will pass out while eating a salad. It could be from my killer salad dressing that I tweaked from Sushi’s pasta recipe. It’s so good though.

Here are the ingredients: 1 onion, 6 garlic, 3 table spoons of olive oil, 1 table spoon of sesame oil, sesame seeds, 6 peanuts, 10 almonds, and a table spoon of pink himalayan salt. If I could, I would get some shiso leaves, but sometimes I blend in parsley or a tomato. Mix it in a giant bowl of salad for my one meal a day.

oK-OK!! I admit, sometimes I cheated and ate goldfish crackers and who knows what other goodies I can’t remember, but that made sonic run even faster and I cried in pain those nights >.<! BUT I started some new herbs yesterday and so far so good. It has extra zinc and magnesium with grapefruit seed extract, tea tree oil and more garlic. It smells awful, but it’s worth it. I got energy to brainstorm the upcoming manga and make new beats. Check it out and ENJOY:


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