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08032020 16:30:00

Check out this video about Cordyceps! It’s so gross, but very interesting, especially the ending. It sure feels like Covid19 is the equivalent of cordyceps to ants for us. I stumbled upon this article about pumpkin seeds which led me to the video on these poor ants! I only clicked it because it reminded me of the scary dream I had last night. Yes, I’ve been having scary dreams again because Dumpling started texting me, just kidding. I have bad dreams when I feel sick in general. (ACTUALLY, I’m not kidding, he does give me nightmares.)

Last night I was at a park full of trees and I saw a huge THING floating in the sky. I didn’t realize until near the end of my dream that the thing was made of giant ants just like the one in the video. The ants were stuck in the THING that looked a lot like a translucent bamboo stick. It felt like an alien invasion. I didn’t want to write about it because it was way too confusing, but I briefly mentioned it because it has guided me to my new research on cordyceps and humans.

To be honest, I really feel like I have some sort of fungi growing in my brain and it is not candida. It’s something much worse and harder to get rid of. I had a difficult time falling asleep last night. I just remember an overall uneasiness and I felt my heart racing for hours as my temperature kept rising. My chest was very heavy and I had difficulty breathing. Today, I have a slight cough. It feels like the weather has gotten colder and I’m in flu season again. After lunch, I had a huge stomach ache and I felt like I was about to knock out from it. I ate a broccoli salad with lots of raw pumpkin seeds. I’m so sleepy right now, that I am so nauseated. My colleagues are coughing and sneezing too! The news finally revealed that those in rural areas are also getting covid and are about to be homeless. This is giving me a headache. I really want to go home and sleep, but I am also still homeless. How can anyone find a safe place to live in these circumstances? I’m sure there are others in worse positions out there right now in another country. I am thankful for where I am and what I have, but… I can’t think straight…ttyl…


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