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08132020 16:00:00

The manga is ready! Unfortunately, I cannot upload music for the manga until I am selected as a featured creator. Check out MIA on Webtoons HERE! You can still listen to the music through SoundCloud while you read it separately, but that defeats the purpose…

Today, I woke up with another infection–probably because I ate savory soup full of liver and other strong flavors. So I will start my bland diet ONE MORE TIME, starting with salad for dinner…or air. I will start another water fast this week. Last night I could feel sharp pains in my head and the muscles in my face are also sore. My left calf muscle was twisting and turning and would not stop hurting no matter how much I massaged it. At least I fell asleep. I am not coughing today, but I can feel something strange in my chest. Overall, my body still aches, but I feel better than yesterday since I took a Tylenol.


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