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08162020 22:31:00

Hello world, I uploaded Episode III of the manga tonight. I will enter it into the contest soon since the deadline is coming up. I am surprised there are 8 pages of entries! That’s a lot of competition. Dumpling asked me why it was important for me to win. I don’t really have a reason other than it is fun and I was bored during lockdown. Also I wanted my lil artists to have something to do other than shoot zombies and aliens all day long. It was a way for us to bond and get to know each other a little better while we create something for the world. If we win, that would be nice and a validation for us to continue our crafts. But if it flops, I’m fine being like Van Gogh. A new contest is out and I absolutely love the theme—HORROR! Now I have a reason and inspiration to draw you my nightmares and scare the $**7 out of you, haha…it can be rated R…I had to make the manga PG 13 because kids were drawing it. This time I will do it on my own now that I have the hang of digital coloring. I will take my time on it and do my best to scare you while facing my own fears and reliving the memories. I miss Sushi—my favorite artist of all time. We need to have art night, but he is always so busy.

My world keeps getting crazier and crazier these days. I will probably be moving across the country soon, so I need to finish uploading my manga before I get too busy. Usually when I am on the other side, I tend to drift away from technology and become one with nature.

MIA: Episode III —Blood


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