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08162020 9:55:00

Let’s discuss “cures” and medicine today. I stumbled upon these videos again this morning in my recommendations and tried to fall asleep but they were actually very fascinating, so I’ll share all 3:

I just found out Midnight Sun has been released, so I will be busy reading that for the upcoming days once I get my hands on it! Oh how I miss Edward.

Ok back to the topic of Ivermectin and medicine. If you are given the chance to live with the disabilities and side effects of these medications, would you choose life? It seems as if I keep choosing life but my question really is why and what more is there to experience? Would you give up your eyes? Would you give up your legs? If it comes down to my final answer I would not just to have a longer life on earth. So for those out there trying to find a “cure” for COVID, you are wasting your time to live your life.

All this time, I realize now, that I have been searching for freedom to be able to do what I want to do with out someone or something forcing me to live a certain way. I attempted to retire and seek peace and serenity but it only brought me back to even more confinement. I really learned my lesson that the grass is definitely not greener on the other side. I’ve witnessed it through observing those around me and their high status and achievements leave them all in the same boat. I am thankful that they treat me with kindness and take the time to apologize, but it’s very strange. I’m not sure if they are asking for my help because they are hopeless, but there really is nothing I can do for them other than to listen to their cries. They are the experts, so how am I supposed to help them? Sometimes I just want to tell them to go home and spend their time with their loved ones—even if it’s a cat. Now is not the time to think about paperwork—it’s survival of the fittest mode.


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