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08222020 23:22:00

The final episode of MIA is up tonight and is finally submitted into the contest. You can check it out on MediBang. I had a strange day. I needed to get an oil change but most shops are closed. I went to the closest one I can find and met an old man from the East Coast. We talked for hours waiting for our cars to get fixed. I’ve never talked so much to a random stranger. I guess COVID has made me connect to others in ways I never would have. It allows me to stop and really experience the moment with those surrounding me. He told me about his friend‘s lucrative seafood business that had to close down. And we talked about the crazy thunder causing fires in the Bay. The weather feels so hot and humid now as if we were in Asia. I was melting outside in the hot sun, but he helped me get my mind off the heat.

As I sat there, I felt like sneezing and coughing and an overall sickness. I was ready to just doze off and fade into nothingness. I could tell my mask wasn’t working and what are you supposed to do if you’re thirsty?! Of course I’m going to remove my mask to drink water. It’s ridiculous how people believe masks could save them. One airline was stalled for hours because a 2-year- old refused to keep his mask on—ridiculous rules. Those people on the plane are getting more exposure as they sit and wait.

I can’t stand it when people are trying to prove a point to the point where it no longer makes sense. That’s where we are at now in the world. Or maybe it’s always been this way and I just didn’t notice it. But if I was that pilot, I would have just flown. But if it was the pilot’s idea not to fly, then he’s an a**.


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