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09122020 7:34:00

Now I know why I kept dreaming about FIlA! But I still have not found the cool drawstring backpack or the shoes and jacket from my dream. If I see it, I would totally buy it. But it’s not because of BTS. It’s interesting how they broke it down and showed us each member saying Go Beyond. I liked how Jungkook said it, but Jin was also very close. Yes, I spent the whole morning watching their FIlA commercials hahaha… it was a great distraction from my nightmare of Dumpling! Gawd, I officially think I hate that Dumpling now— why does he have to keep fkng ppl in my dreams. So annoying…Then he had the nerves to try to hide me by pretending to sleep on me wtf…I don’t want to have to be nice to such a person. I think this is punishment enough. I’m sorry for my sins, please forgive me! Dreams like these make me not want to sleep at all. Let me dream of BTS instead!

Today is my last day of moving. I spoke to my new landlord Thursday and felt like coughing so much after I left. She is a nurse, so she gets exposed to COVID all the time. At this point, I will risk it. I’m tired of hiding and trying to “survive.” Tired of quarantine…


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