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09282020 13:33:00

Fiddlesticks….I totally forgot to color my drawing for the horror contest on the weekend. It is due on Wednesday! I’ll try my best to finish it up, but it’s not how I intended it to turn out. Stay tuned…

I cannot remember my dream last night. I feel a bit sad when I can’t remember dreams. It’s like an emptiness or loss of a limb. I would be happy if I actually felt rejuvenated and well rested. But I can’t say because I’m still fatigued and restless. It could be the side effects of the antibiotics. This time it feels less effective but I’ll give it 5 more days. I am so tempted to eat chocolate and French fries, it’s unbearable when my boss is offering it to me and the smell is fuming out of her room. I’m also doing my best not to stuff myself with coffee milkita!

I’m starting to sneeze and cough a lot more lately. Not sure what it’s from, it could be a regular cold. I shouldn’t have met up with my girlfriend Friday night. But that means I never would have tasted that delicious cheese dip or burger.


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