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09292020 14:16:00

My days have come to strangers taking nature walks around the globe and random fish. I’d love to have a fish tank on my desk, but I might spill water everywhere trying to take care of them. It also makes me sad to think about how they have to go in circles for the rest of their lives. My goldfish only lasted a year, but that’s because Papaya brought a random scary looking flower and threw it into the water thinking the fish likes it! I also fed him a banana slice. I love to swim, but I would hate to get captured into a tank. I wonder if they like it since they will get fed everyday and they are always with their family. A few days ago, whales beached themselves and many elephants were found dead. It’s abnormal because this is more than usual, just like this pandemic is causing more deaths than other pandemics. Anyway, our lives seem like we are getting put into fish tanks with all these quarantine rules.

When I went to the pharmacy the other day, a crazy guard got so mad at me for walking on the wrong path which Siri led me through. The guard before her didn’t seem to care, but this lady was pissed at me. I simply wanted to return to my car, but for some reason she was on edge. All these rules are making her go crazy. Not just her, but every guard and staff at the hospital looked so tense. They need a chill pill. There were too many blocked pathways, I had no idea how to get to where I needed. The place is already built like a maze, and now they made it even more difficult with yellow caution tapes and “Do not enter” signs. How does anyone get treatment? Especially when the halls are empty and no signs of guidance? They should make some sort of video conference machine by the entrances so that we can telecommunicate to a guard or staff.

Last night I could barely sleep. I’m getting harassed by a special 12 Yr Old and he is starting to give me anxiety. I had a nightmare that someone was able to open my doors and I was seen naked by the whole world. It was strange, I kept telling myself this is just another dream, but I couldn’t wake up until 4AM. My temperature kept rising and my heart was pounding the whole night. I think it’s because I ate dried squid from Mitsuwa, but it’s made in Taiwan. I dunno how they ended up putting Japanese letters on the package?! They tricked me! Either way, it was super delicious and addicting. I ate it ‘til I felt sick and I couldn’t do my nightly walk. That’s how crazy and out of control I was after the first bite of the soft and chewy piece that was so perfect! Never again will I eat that. I finished the rest of the bag after lunch today and again my heart was racing and my temperature went up. But, it doesn’t mean it’s bad for you. I just personally cannot eat dried shredded squid anymore. It reversed the effects of my antibiotics, so I might need another dosage—bummer! I’m going to the zoo this weekend, so I kind of don’t want a refill or else I’ll be bed ridden over the weekend. I’ve never been to a zoo here. I don’t really want to go because of quarantine, but it is a special request from a toddler I can’t say no to. It’s been so long since I’ve gone anywhere. It makes me nervous because I’m afraid to ruin the trip with sudden bursts of nausea or fatigue. …if a baby can do it…so can I!

I also had sudden urges to paint at 4AM. I will enter the next contest about submitting multiple pages. I am going to draw My Kin. I can’t wait for you all to see it! It will be themed like this blog and I at least know how to color cupcakes!


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