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09302020 14:33:00

It’s been day three since I’ve taken the antibiotics and the side effects are getting worse. Remind me to never again take these antibiotics no matter what! The day is going by Hella slow and my eyelids are so heavy. The IT guy is here using a bandanna coughing all day. I feel a tickle in my throat and a sneeze that won’t come out. My head is so heavy. I thought I wasn’t going to wake up this morning because I felt something burst on the left side of my stomach. I think I was walking too fast during my evening exercise. Despite the caution tapes, there were lots of kids on the playground yesterday and tweens on their bikes. I think they were gangsters. Someone wrote on the bathroom toilet seat with poo. It reminded me of the weirdos who threw wet toilet paper all over the bathroom ceiling in high school. It makes me wonder why I left my bubble to be surrounded by rebels. Now I truly understand the meaning of how curiousity killed the cat. I usually panic and contact people I have last words for, but last night was different. I just knocked out in peace I guess. I feel a bit numb and I cannot taste much. I spilled kimchi juice all over the counter at work and could hardly taste my natto. I was so excited to eat natto, but was so disappointed because I can’t really smell or taste anything as much. I’m so sleepy and so hungry. Today is torturous because so many people showed up unexpectedly and I can’t relax. I really want some spicy Korean buckwheat noodles. I miss going to the jimjilbang.


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