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10032020 08:00:00

I had a nightmare. I was in the basement and my dad was there at our old house. He was very ill, so my siblings had to carry him to the car. They got upset because I couldn’t find his shoes. We got in a big black car and as Sugapi drove out of the parking lot, I felt the left tire hit something. I watched a scene of people gathering around a baby, the family was upset we hit their child with the rim of our tires. My father was shirtless and the windows were opened. I hugged him but we were cold as ice so he told everybody to close the windows. But I couldn’t give him any body heat no matter how tightly I held on. Then we ran over another baby. We got to a street that looked like Disneyland where there are lots of stores and people walking. A woman in a drive through window screamed for us to stop. She told us there are babies sitting on the edge of the sidewalk and we just ran over them as we pulled out of the curb. Sugapi continued to drive in search of a hospital and ran over another baby in the road. I saw the road ahead was empty, but as I looked back, the body was lifeless in the dark dim lit street. The scene changed. I was in a room with chickenpotpie, her friend and Dojacat and maybe my cuz. Dojacat asked me to sing as we were playing some sort of game similar to making up a rap but instead it was make up your own soul song. I thought my song was so good, but she said my voice was weak! So when it was my next turn, I ran out of melodies and lyrics and I came up with a lame Taylorswift song that was out of tune and not even the genre. I totally lost that round. So I looked in the backyard and noticed a droid and people were playing a different cooler game with large flying robots and fireworks. I can’t remember the rest, but it was kind of scary to be outside because it felt like a battlefield. I was still concerned about all those babies and my father’s wellness. I woke up uneasy.

Today, I’m supposed to go to the zoo. I heard it takes two hours to get there. I feel really uncomfortable from all the side effects of the antibiotics, but I’ll do my best to enjoy the new experience with my new pals. On a lighter note, here is a sneak preview of My Kin:


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