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10062020 17:22:00

After a long hard day, these boys make everything better. I wish I can have a son like V because he is pure magic. I haven’t been keeping up with the news as often ever since Strawberrypie told me to bring in more positivity into my life. So other than giant fish, I’ve been watching BTS. I was going to sing with artists on Smule, but Lewis Capaldi’s voice was too different. I couldn’t imagine how to add my voice with his. He was pretty fun to watch tho. Maybe in the future, I’ll sing with BTS, but I need to learn to rap in Korean or Japanese first!

Last night I jogged at the park and noticed the caution tapes around the work out sections were removed. So I ended up working out for 2 hours! It is so addicting. I ended up getting hives and freaking out. I forgot my shirt yesterday but it was so dark I don’t think people could really see me. So I ran really fast and got overheated because it was a little chilly. At first I thought it was from mosquitoes, then I thought it was a coronavirus symptom because I was touching all those equipment. But today I’m fine so it was just me over pushing myself like always. As I was working out, a bunch of crickets started surrounding me. I was surprised they didn’t run from me. What do they even eat?

I had a nightmare last night about giant bugs attacking me. I think it’s because I was staring at big fat crickets! I had difficulty falling asleep, but that was the only dream I can remember from my short nap.

I plan to eat a hearty meal tonight and go running again. I guess working out is my new addiction. I ate 3 custard cakes today because I always like to try new snacks. It’s a vanilla flavor from Lotte. I regret it, because I really crave the chocolate flavored Chico pie, but these custards are also very addicting. I feel like drooling and I want to finish the entire box right now. I’ll try my best not to and save space for dinner.


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