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10162020 14:30:00

I feel like I should sue the hospital…but it’s so complicated…

I could not sleep at all last night, I’m only functioning at 10% capacity these days. There was a pain in my left arm and my nerves all the way down to my thighs. It’s so strange. Now I understand why starfish would rip off their limbs. But I cannot grow my arm back, I’m not groot. I still have a lingering headache and feel like blacking out any moment because I am so sleep deprived. I shouldn’t have exercised yesterday. I probably need to start doing Tai Chi or low impact yoga instead. All I could think about is how much I want to eat mentaiko pasta again. It was so good! I mindlessly picked up pasta because I couldn’t find the cake that I wanted to try out. I hate it when the store keeps changing their products. I never know when the cake will be back again. BUT if I see it, I will not hesitate to try it next time. I learned my lesson, I will definitely indulge in the moment when given the chance. That goes for absolutely everything. I totally understand why people would eat a burger even though they know it’s bad for them now. It’s because they don’t know when they would ever get a chance to taste that melted cheese again. Nowadays I drive around thinking about cheese fries and where to get it. But I always miss the exits. People drive like maniacs here, I always get lost because I cannot get into the right lane on time. If it weren’t for Siri, I’d be stranded somewhere in another state because my brain is no longer reliable. -_- My plan for the weekend is to sleep and heal. The day is going by painfully slow!

At the end, the woman said that animals will reproduce when they are stressed. That is very interesting and explains a lot about why people have lots of babies even though they are in dangerous living conditions. Coronavirus has gotten a lot of us, but we can reproduce more… don’t worry people…


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