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10212020 16:01:00

I got a surprise call today! My doctor finally found out which virus I’m getting attacked by and there’s nothing I can do about it. I started my new antibiotics last night and was able to drive this morning, but now I’m starting to feel the side effects. Everything is getting a bit blurry. I’m not supposed to have any alcohol, but I just found out that the Pumpkin Yogurt I ate has some alcohol in it. Alcohol is in lots of things now that I’ve searched it! So I’m just gonna stick to plain veggies this week =[ …CHICKEN redeemed itself! I finally got to taste a Japanese sandwich and it was so delicious!!! It was a chicken katsu sandwich. I still haven’t tried their fruit sandwiches yet. Even though it may look super simple, it is probably super yummy just like all their other foods! So I look forward to when I can try more–hopefully 2 weeks from now…

Last night I had a strange dream. I took Wok to see Sushi and he was so pissed off and jealous that he grabbed my little knife and sliced the back of my left hand open. I was so shocked and stared at my open wound for a bit. Then Wok was heading toward Sushi to stab him, but I grabbed the knife and somehow managed to stop the attack. Sushi called some people to restrain Wok. I think he got sent to a psych ward. I felt so bad for him and surprised at the same time that he turned into a monster. (Not literally, he still looked like himself and he didn’t turn into a demon or anything.) Then Sushi and I continued to hang out in his livingroom with an uneasy feeling. Both of us wondered why Wok was even invited. 

OMG this yogurt is killing me. I shouldn’t have had any. I will type with my eyes closed…not sure how I will get home later…

On a lighter note, I finished my project! I entered the new contest, which is to submit multiple pages. I think I described it incorrectly. I should have said that I used the multiple page function to create many similar characters and then used two pages as the final result. But it’s too late, I already submitted it! Here it is, meet my kin: 

Now you will have a better understanding of who I’m talking about in the blog. I will be away for a while as the side effects of my antibiotics will worsen over time. I’ll try my best to keep posting or maybe I will work on some music since I have to keep my eyes closed most of the time. 


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