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11032020 12:35:00 TESTED

I was dreading the test the night before and could not get any rest. I was ordered to get tested for COVID because my symptoms from 10272020 was “unrelated” to whatever else is going on in me. I was unable to think straight and I couldn’t find a way out of taking the test. Chickenpotpie told me it hurt so much and I was not in a position to take on more pain. I got up early and found out there was a long line of cars. It took an hour before it was my turn. My test was different from the person in front of me. The worker that took my swab test was suited up fully protected, but the lady next to her was just in normal scrubs, which I thought was so strange. Sure, it was outdoors, but still some people are protected and others are not. First she took a sample from the back of my tongue, which wasn’t so bad. Then, she told me it would hurt and immediately stuck a long white plastic stick up my nostrils. I think she used the same stick thrice because I didn’t see her switch. But, I did have to close my eyes. I was banging my hand on the seat of my car trying to get her to stop. I think if it went on any longer, I would have pushed her. The pain shot up to my brain worse than breathing water up your nose I guess. I can’t really describe it other than sharp pinching from the inside of the skull. I felt it for days and a bloody smell lingered. Now I sneeze here and there since that test. My results are negative…I don’t understand how or if they found anyone with a positive result if the stick had nothing on it…What did she even scrape?!

I had to quarantine for days. I felt like I was going crazy because I couldn’t see anyone at all. I was so hungry for squid. I finally found a Taiwanese restaurant that had very good calamari rings, but I’m still on the search for the legs. I also crave spicy squid balls, but it’s kind of far. So I’m just trying any calamari I can find nearby until the craving stops. But I dunno how to stop it. All I want is sashimi and a whole squid! My mom told me if I crave raw seafood, I must have parasites… if she knows, then the whole world knows…except for my doctors… 

I picked up the calamari rings and some crispy pork and had a magical picnic at a park with new “friends”. Ducks circled around me and started attacking the grass. What do they even eat!?  I guess they really like the smell of squid, but I didn’t share with them because it was too delicious. They stayed with me all afternoon.

Today for lunch, I had seafood okonomiyaki. It tastes just like takoyaki! My cravings are still very strong, so I will probably get some more squid later tonight. Why can’t I crave something easy to find like fries…not fried squid… A couple nights ago, I drove in circles trying to find a restaurant with great takoyaki reviews, and it ended up being closed!!! So I got takoyaki at my friend’s restaurant which was also very delicious, but it’s not spicy squid balls!   

The weirdest thing happened before Halloween. My mom had a similar dream as mine a night after I had my dream. She told me she saw my father waiting in the car with my aunties and he drove somewhere she didn’t recognize. In my dream, I was waiting in line at a pharmacy while he was waiting in the car. While I was in line, a young boy was pitying me for having to take so many medications. I finally got back to the car when it was nighttime. I forgot my dad in the car, so he waited there all night. I went inside and saw Sushi dressed for running. He wore a nice yellow tank and black shorts with some black tights and knee covers. We started to argue. He said he got ready especially for me, but I turned him down when I realized I needed to go help my dad. Sushi got so upset because I kept putting him last. When I got to the car, I saw my dad asleep in the car and he somehow managed to crack the front window open without the key. I asked him how he did that, but he just smiled and suggested he is super strong and smart. As I was carrying him up the stairs, my heart started to hurt because he was too heavy for me. We both started to fall backwards. I woke up before we landed. But my heart was still hurting. Even as I type, but not as much. I get to go home a little earlier today, because it gets dark faster. I would totally run, but I don’t think my heart can handle it. So today I will just walk slowly. I tried to take the stairs for a little more exercise, but that made me dizzy! Normally, I would drink ginger tea, but I just found out that my ginger powder has lead in it. I will just keep it on my desk as decoration because the bottle looks like it came from Harry Potter land.   

Yesterday morning, I did see on the news that a baby passed away in the car. The baby’s older sister, who is a daycare worker forgot the baby in the car. 

Another strange dream that I had before that involved Banhbao! I don’t know why…maybe because I saw his doppelganger at a market after I got my swab test. I needed to pick up some food, and as I left, the guy was coming in the door. I stared closely in shock and he stared back, but when he said, “thank you” (for holding the door) I knew it wasn’t him because his accent isn’t that strong anymore. Unless, he was trying to fool me. But then again, this guy was slightly heavier, so it couldn’t have been him. I was also unrecognizable because I looked like a hillbilly and is it just me, or is it really hard to know who people really are when they wear a mask. Maybe my eyesight has worsened. Anyway, back to the dream. We were on a bed in an open area that looked like an abandoned mall. I kept kissing him and we were happy. That’s all I remember. BUT that is very odd because I do not have any romantic feelings for him at all at this point. So my dreams are very useless and unreliable. I stopped paying attention and haven’t remembered any from the start of November.


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