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11122020 14:30:00

I can’t believe I passed the exam. It was the most difficult computer test I ever took. I was so upset because I spent the entire week studying beginner videos for all sorts of apps when it turned out to be intermediate! I felt like crying at the end of it because I felt robbed. It’s a miracle, but now I have to practice for the interviews. It does not make sense for this role to be more difficult than the previous roles I’ve applied for. I don’t know if this is worth it, but I’m already in so deep. I have to finish what I started.    

Today is the longest day ever. I cannot leave early because I have to wait for FEDex who might not even show up! I had a crazy dream about Dumpling and Blackpink. I have no idea what to make of it:

I was in a huge apartment with Dumpling. His brother showed up and told us to leave because “girl” is coming. Then I noticed all of her clothes on the bed. He made me fold her clothes. He told me to pick one if I wanted it. I counted the clothes and asked him if she has been there for several weeks because it was a pile worth of months. Dumpling looked at my messy folded pile and compared it to his own which was super neat like a robot did it. Mine clearly wasn’t up to his standards. I felt so bad over something so silly. I was more upset that I was tricked again. He just shook it off and as he got up, the bottom part of his body was made of fur like a skunk. I started to pet him like a dog. Then a real dog came through the window. The dog was telling his other pal to come in too. I stared at the other dog outside and told it to stay, but he listened to his boss and came inside. This dog looked deformed and had feet similar to a chicken mixed with a frog like appearance. It kind of freaked me out, so I went to the kitchen.

The kitchen looked like a fun candy shop. I turned into Jisoo! This is the first time I’ve ever been a celebrity in my dream. Usually I am myself, not other people. Jenny came and gave each of us a brown Pocky stick. Hers was not as good as the others. Lisa grimaced and Rose said there weren’t many selections of pocky at the store that Jenny went to which was in an airport.  Jenny came back in the room so I told her that it’s actually a very good combination with the other pocky. She corrected me and said her pocky sticks are “a good combination with each other,” not with the pocky from the other members. It was weird because it felt like we were all best friends for a long time and I was a fake Jisoo. Her spirit and my spirit was in one body, but she was silenced! OR maybe I was silenced and it was her that was talking and I could see through her eyes. Then I looked out the window and saw a bunch of strange looking snowmen and Dumpling was still naked outside, but he was bottom-half skunk, LOL, so it was normal for him to be shirtless. I was about to call out to give him a Pocky and ask what he was doing but then…

My alarm went off at 5AM and it was super dark out. I was freezing because my blanket fell off of me, so that explains the snow in my dream. Other than that, I think I had a crazy dream because of the mushroom soup I had before bedtime. Mushrooms really creep me out, so I don’t want to eat them anymore, but I still have a bunch of shitake to finish. Tomorrow will be my last delicious meal before I start going on the liquid diet. I already started it this week, it is actually very tasty, but I still crave solid foods mid day. (Only if I didn’t sleep enough, which is very often). I’m scared! I don’t want braces. What did I get myself into! It’s going to be months of torture and extra saliva–YUCK!! I already sound muffled with a mask on. I don’t know how people will understand what I say. -_- I’m not looking forward to the weekend


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