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11162020 13:56:00

I had another apocalyptic dream on Sunday. Maybe it was from binge watching true crime on YouTube before bedtime. 

I was unable to get a refund from the Dentist. She ended up making me set up recurring payments even though I will not see her for the next 3 months! Do not trust anyone trying to sell you something. They always lie. She spent almost an hour trying to convince me that braces will not hurt me. It was a battle I did not want to escalate, so I had to get the procedure. Somewhere along the way, the hygienist started sawing at my filling for no reason. It’s not even related and should not have been touched. They are so shady. I really dug myself into a hole this time. Now I am stuck with this unnecessary pain I’ve inflicted upon myself for several months. Hopefully it’ll be done before June so that I can move and go back into retirement. The braces are so painful at night, I cannot fall asleep until 3AM even though I’ve been trying to sleep at 6PM. Anyway, it gave me nightmares and this time I saw Banhbao again. 

The dream picked up where I left off last time with Banhbao on a bed in a kitchen in some sort of mall or large house. He was opening the refrigerator door as I approached him and asked him why he was here. I greeted him with a hug and showed him my teeth. He started to push on my tooth really hard with his finger until I sat on the bed nearby. I told him to stop, but he kept pushing it. Then big boss walked by and lifted her eyebrows as she left the room. He stopped pushing when he saw her. I told him he pushed too hard and one by one each of my tooth started to fall out into the palm of my hands. I was left with no teeth and I started to panic. I cried to him, “Look what you did, you pressed so hard!” He shook his head and walked to a different room. The boss came and saw my hand full of teeth. She shook her head in disapprovement and asked me why, but I did not have an answer. I was just distraught and still in shock. 

The scene changed into a locker room that was set on fire. Everyone evacuated except for the suspect. I walked in and found him in the shower pretending to be innocent and that he was the one who put out the fire. I watched him walk out fully clothed in all black and his jet black hair still soaked. I followed him outside where I saw a stampede of some type of elk coming towards me down a hill. The sky was pinkish red and had grey clouds from the fire. There was white smoke and dust in the air. The animals were trying their best to dodge me as they ran away from something unknown. I think I saw Papaya and a baby, or maybe it was Sugapie on the other side of the field. I was trying to warn them to move away from the stampede. I fell to the ground and the animal jumped over me nearly missing my head. It was so chaotic, I woke up hours before my alarm.

I tried to go back to sleep, but I am still in pain. I only have 13 pills left. I need to go pick up more tylenol. I started to get a runny nose and a headache as I coughed. I felt like it was the end for me. I feel so sleep deprived and restless. My stomach feels hallow. I am not sure how I can survive on yogurt for months. I am already sick of smoothies and it’s only been 2 days. I burnt the roof of my mouth from tofu soup yesterday, so I can’t really taste anything. I’m so hungry all the time that I am dizzy. Not sure if I can survive this. Not sure if I can pass my next exams and interviews, but whatever, I’m ready to retire now.

I just called my mom. She told me that the dentist is unprofessional and did the procedure incorrectly. I could possibly lose all of my teeth. ={ …

A coworker was at a gathering with someone who tested positive. We are all supposed to be in quarantine, but I doubt anyone is staying home. This is probably my last post for a while. I have a hard time concentrating.


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