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12222020 19:55:00

This morning I woke up feeling better after taking NyQuil for my itchy throat. I haven’t felt so well rested in ages. I woke up and watched the video above. The long term effects of the virus is a nightmare. The thought of not being able to breathe is so scary. I started to get a stuffy nose last night and freaked out. I tried all I could to survive. You would think that the virus could kill you faster, but it’s painfully slow. The after effects makes me wonder why anyone would want to continue living. It’s like everyone has to experience what Dr. Strange went through after his car accident. …I notice that I’ve been extremely forgetful. I had so much to say about this video this morning, now I feel like I have a brain fart. These moments are occurring more and more and it’s so scary and dangerous.

Last evening, I decided to go for a jog and locked my keys in the car. I had no memory of leaving my keys and thought I dropped it in the grass. I thought I was going to freeze and starve to death if my roommate did not rescue me in the nick of time. Even though she has Covid, she was still able to somehow reach out and help before my phone battery died. I am so thankful to have met an earth angel. However, I was shocked by the fact that there were quite a handful of rude old Asian people who were unwilling to help. I’m not trying to be racist, but I noticed that only caucasians were helpful. This is why I don’t like to go to China. I remember I had such a horrible experience at their airports. …Never again…not that I can even travel anytime soon…ok I went off on a tangent, but now it is even more imperative to jot down my thoughts before I cannot remember much of anything at all…thank goodness for this website.

After taking NyQuil at 4AM, I had a dream about meeting my friend who has COVID. There were about 5 of us. It got really complicated because we wanted to drive somewhere, but we had to all go in separate cars. I accidentally entered my friend’s car and realized I already immediately infected myself. I arrived alone to a restaurant that looked similar to In N Out or any burger place, and I was surprised to see all of the chairs were taken. It was a strange way of social distancing with a restaurant full of customers, and supposedly it was easier to walk around. But I felt that it was super crowded and chaotic. The guests all stared at me strangely because I couldn’t find a seat and I felt unwelcomed. Majority were all European teenagers. I left after the waitress bumped into me. I continued to drive down a steep hill similar to the ones in San Francisco. I was headed toward a lake, and woke up because I couldn’t breathe properly and my throat was extremely dry. I took a Spectro Multivitamin and some ACV pills. I gargled Himalayan salt water and felt much better after a warm steamy shower. I continued to steam using my itaki and had a peaceful day. I noticed everything I do is done in a slower manner and it takes about 2 hours for me to eat.

I didn’t have much of an appetite, but I forced myself to eat. My roommate gave me chicken salad because she cannot taste anything and she asked me not to let it go to waste. So I ended up steaming it because I cannot even chew raw salads. I hate lettuce by the way, that’s the worst salad in the world. I don’t want to complain about food during a pandemic, but I totally understand why she didn’t want the salad! From now on, I will no longer go to the kitchen because every time I enter the common rooms, I feel like I get reinfected. Tomorrow I will start eating foods “to go.” That means no more frozen banana almond milk shakes 😭. Today I finally stopped eating Chocopie because I replaced my dessert with tangerines. I wonder how long I can keep this up. I had lots of tangerines. I need to go get more fruits! I think instead of cold almond milk, I will need to temporarily drink those pasteurized warm ones stored on the shelves… yuck! Never mind, I’ll stick to water for the time being 😅


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