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I have to write down this creepy dream because it is so mind boggling. Why am I dreaming of strangers in the news? What’s the point? Here it goes:

I was at the office steaming zucchini but had to evacuate immediately as an alarm went off. Everyone had to get in line and fill a form. It looked like I was at a DMV office or an airport line. When it was my turn, I was the secret agent who had to take care of the “president” who’s pseudo name was something like “Ranchell John.” I had to read a long letter and answer a lot of strange questions that was code for something far more important. One of the questions asked: does zucchini steam, burn or something else I cannot remember. I picked burn. The “president” in disguise saw my paper and winked at me because he knew I was also undercover. Other people would surround my desk to see why my paper had more questions than theirs. I tried to hide the paper with the president’s name with my left arm, but I couldn’t. People can still see it. I was reading the name at the top of the paragraph, it looked like Ranchell but in the dream I understood it so clearly, but right now it’s a blur. Let’s call him RJ for short. Anyway I completed the questionnaire and went back to the lobby which looked like a beautiful hotel. I had to tell the line to go upstairs, but I couldn’t take all of them, so I assigned my niece to be the leader of the first line. I was left behind with a nearly dead body on one of those luggage trolly. It was an old white man laying straight facing the ceiling. I had to push him into the elevator but it was so heavy for me I moved at a snails’ pace carefully trying not to bump into walls and move as smoothly as possible not to hurt him. When I got in the elevator There was a bug on the wall. Then I looked down and a huge locust was on the grandpa’s chest. I freaked out and swung a towel over his chest to remove the bug, but I swung so hard the bug splattered against the wall. I felt so guilty because I thought I killed the grandpa’s spirit animal. (I thought his soul went into the bug and I accidentally squished it out of sudden fear!) The body turned to a fetal position on his left side. I exited the elevator into a grassy field. It was evening time. I saw my bro, Cheesecake and told him I need to bury someone’s grandpa. I felt like I was in Hobbit land because the morgues were like hobbit homes under grassy hills. Cheesecake told me the Monk was looking for me and to go get married. I cringed and looked up, and the Monk was suddenly two inches from my face. He was smiling gaily trying to ask me for marriage but I interrupted and told him I have something in my fanny pack that needs to be buried with grandpa. I pulled out a strange thick porous block of wood shaped like a purple potato. The Monk was upset and proceeded to fulfill his duties. I pushed grandpa to the morgue and woke up so confused about who he was.

Naturally, I started to scroll through YouTube and had an urge to watch this unsolved mystery. The name RJ in my dream is too similar to the half brother of the little girl. I am creeped out now because I think the detective is the grandpa who visited my dream last night!

I only watched part 1, but that was enough to creep me out. The letter in my dream was also two pages written in pen like the ransom note, but I do not remember what else was written even though I read it twice. Maybe it will come to me later in the day. Poor baby, she was so cute. She would have been my age now.

I know people have wild dreams when they eat certain foods before bedtime. I ate tofu pandan dessert and overstuffed stuffed myself with BunBoHue. I also had black garlic. It’s the last meal I could chew since I added the rest of my brackets. Today I will feast on almond milk and grass jelly…My gums are in pain, it feels like I have a bajillion cavities. Which is probably why I didn’t sleep well and had that wild dream.


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