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02212021 09:42:00 self defense…

This video must have popped up in my feed to teach me a lesson… I really wonder what was being said before the owner decided to slap her. Her words must have been a huge threat that he already felt like he was on the losing end and snapped at her. He was ready get his revenge on her. By the looks of her expression and stance, she was already sure he is going down with her words. But the fact that she charged back at a man twice her size and tried to kick him while swinging her arms is her own fault. This man knows martial arts and naturally started to defend himself. I see he was disarming the girls attacking him as he was outnumbered. I’m not picking sides, and he shouldn’t have thrown the first hit. I’m just pointing out whatever happened after the slap was because the girl didn’t know how to back down. Let’s say she knew martial arts too, and then tried to get her revenge kick at him…it would make more sense for her to think she could win him in a fist fight. I understand she is too mad to think straight but that blow could have costed her life if her head hit the table harder.

After watching this in slow motion, I learned not to try to push an attacker when getting in between the fight. The girl in the black shirt could have stood closer to the girl on the ground instead of trying to push him. He just grabbed her hand and pushed her as a way to tell HER to stop. He looked like he was in defense mode, not attack 👀.

I was in part two of the training on what to do if you’re a bystander of hate crimes or getting harassed the other day. Ironically the zoom glitched and I didn’t learn the lesson. I would not know how to de-escalate this argument or something similar. My instinct is to run away and I’ve been practicing running every other day. I haven’t started my staff exercises yet. My splits are getting better, but physical flexibility is not gonna help with this fight.

I’ve also been reading up on what is appropriate self defense. There is a very fine line between becoming an attacker while defending oneself. It’s so confusing, so I’d rather stick to running because I know myself and my capabilities against others. I will not be like a barking chihuahua against a golden retriever. That reminds me, I have a new best friend. She is not mine, but she marked me with her scent all weekend long like a cat! 🥰

I used to think having a pet at this time is a horrible idea, but it is actually healing. We have a bond like no other. I am so grateful to have her around during the pandemic because she has brought me a new found purpose in life and so much joy. I can’t wait to share more of my adventures with her. I will dedicate a channel just for her. I don’t know her real age, but I’m guessing she is 12 and our time together is going to be very precious. Shiba taught me to control my emotions better and to keep calm so that she doesn’t attack others around me. I’ve had other puppies in my life, but this connection is way different, I cannot put it into words. There is a deep knowing we were meant to meet. ☺️

I had a disturbing dream. I’ll spare the funky details. I saw Dumpling briefly, it’s too confusing to write out. Then I was in a new work place, and I didn’t know what to do. I asked people for help, but the task was so hard. The boss told me to gather all the people for an announcement but I didn’t know what I had to announce. Then lots of people were going outside and getting in lines awaiting for my instructions. The scene changed and I ended up in a cafeteria waiting for the cashier, because he thought BanhBao already paid for my order. I followed BanhBao outside going to a swing set. He asked his little brother, “Why doesn’t my wife follow me?” It felt like I was a ghost and he couldn’t see me. (Even though I am not his wife, I said out loud, “I’m following you”)…we went inside a school hallway. I felt the need to protect them because I sensed something strange. Giant lizards crawled out of a classroom. They were so quick, it was scary. I was going to attack the lizard on the wall to save them, but BanhBao also charged at the lizard. I woke up suddenly.

I must’ve had this weird dream because I drank 2 cups of cheese dip from Portillo’s. I think I have something inside me controlling my mind. It loves cheese more than I do. I’ve never had such a strong urge to drink cheese like it’s hot chocolate. I need an intervention. Today I will definitely only have fruits and veggies. I am not sure how long I can go on like this, but I really need to cut out the bread and cheese for a bit until I get better.


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