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02242021 22:32:00 Fix U

I can’t believe BTS sang Fix You by Coldplay. I just sang this the other day in the shower wondering who was gonna bring the song back. I feel like we are on the same wavelength 😅. They have healed my horrible night. About an hour ago, I thought I was going to die again. My heart was racing and my kidneys feels inflamed. I can feel my tongue going numb right now. I took a Tylenol and am slightly feeling better, but I cannot sleep. My back muscles are aching that it’s actually feeling itchy. I had to go to the post office today and it turned out they did not have a stamp machine like the one that I used to go to, but it was closed down. So I had to manually add 100 stamps while I was there. Maybe I got a lot of Covid exposure there. Then again, I also wasn’t feeling well all morning and had difficulties doing simple tasks such as folding paper! I felt like I can barely lift my arms, which was so strange and a bit scary. I tried to walk a mile and I felt a strain on my heart. It felt like the longest walk and I had to drag my feet. I thought I was going to pass out. If I make it to tomorrow, I will sing you this song or make one last album. But I feel strange because BTS got to it first 😆… either way, I am glad they did it because I will listen to it all night.

Cutest cover ever! 💕

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