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02282021 08:16:00 Cheese

Holy cow! I need to know what this tastes like. I’ve never heard of basque cheesecake before. Where can I find one? If I make it, I’m going to end up eating the whole cake in one sitting! I still can’t stop eating an entire log of goat cheese in one sitting, or large slice of cake, so imagine if you put a whole cheesecake in front of me 😅… I would be out of control.

I think I am back in ketosis again because I was not feeling hungry at all yesterday. I went on the best ride of my life in years. It felt like I could go on forever. I got a little bike that fits perfectly in my car. It’s my new obsession since I don’t run anymore. I need to pack some lights and water so I can ride longer at the beach. It was so refreshing and calming I can’t wait to do it again!

I had a nightmare about work! There was a computer virus that messed up every thing and every one was freaking out. I am afraid of the chaos that might occur tomorrow or very soon 😰☹️.

I also had a dream about dumpling the other night. I was in a car with his look-a-like and he saw us. So he came out of his car with some strange armor looking like fake Xin Zhao (below) with roller skates. (Here is the REAL Xin Zhao) He was trying to show off that he was a better version of Dumpling. And he kept trying to compete. It was so silly and he didn’t know how to balance on his skates. I woke up laughing.

I think I dreamt of skates because I was thinking of buying some, but I ended up getting a bike instead. 😆 Getting a bike was the best decision I’ve made all year and it has made quarantine less difficult. There was a bunch of people at the beach. I noticed that I actually like wearing a mask. My nose has become more sensitive. When I remove the mask, I can smell people’s lingering scent even though they already moved from that spot for several minutes. It’s very interesting…🥴 and no, I’m not talking about farts…


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