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04122021 15:03:00 Pandemic to Endemic?

It’s amazing I’m still here with you. The past few days have been tough. I can hardly sleep. I feel my heart racing every night and I get cold sweats. It’s hard to remember what I’ve been doing other than trying to fall asleep. The moment I felt better, I went to the park with my roommate. Her son sneezed on me again while we were in the car. Then from there, everything went downhill. I developed flu-like symptoms and body aches along with sharp chest pain! Lesson learned, I will have to quarantine myself from them I guess. I feel a little bad that we cannot hang out though. 

Anyway, I went bike riding and found a large jungle gym and slide in the middle of the beach. So naturally I said to myself that I have to try this before it gets all sandy and gross. As I climbed to the top, I instantly regretted looking down and forced myself into the slide around 8PM. The dew made everything more slippery. When I got to the bottom, the cushion felt like a rock! I reinjured my left leg and now I feel like I have a giant pillow as my left thigh. I will try to jog slowly today to get in some exercise since I have been bed ridden for 4 days. When I feel better, I will try the other slide; and next time, I will wear something less slippery. I know it sounds silly, but my goal is to be able to climb on the monkey bars like a ladder upside down. It will be my new outdoor gym. 

I’ve been studying like crazy for the last couple weeks and failed one of my exams! This week I am taking it easy and will start studying again next week. My time is running out. At this point, we are probably in an Endemic, so I will probably end up moving out of the city because I am having a really hard time living this way. 

I’ve only been eating veggies and soup and it’s starting to make me feel crazy. Last night I kept thinking about Chick Fil Le but it’s closed on Sundays. I almost desperately went to PopEyes to try their chicken sandwich but I kept telling myself I would feel extremely guilty and sick if I ate it. So I made soup -_-, it was good, but it wasn’t a fried chicken with yummy bread! 

The only thing making me happy these days are these silly videos from Stan Stan. He’s so cute and hilarious, but I don’t think I should watch anymore because he keeps making me want to eat new things that I shouldn’t! Today, I will be on the hunt for some almond pudding. I don’t think they even sell it around here! But I need to really discipline myself and stop eating random things in moderation. I don’t know how else to heal. If I really reflect on what I’ve been eating this year, I’ve had too many cheat days and I don’t know how to say no to popcorn chicken or noodles. And looking at anything jelly is torturous. 

I tested out different bed positions. I had a nightmare when I placed my head facing north of the room. In the dream, A demon tried to attack me while I was in the bathroom waiting for my food. BanhBao was helping me order some chicken wings, but did not have enough money to get extra for his coworkers. That’s the only dream I can remember. So I switched the bed around and haven’t had any dreams because I haven’t really slept. I think I’ve become dependent on Nyquil! I’m already halfway through my 3rd bottle this month.

Here’s one of my favorite songs and also my favorite color. Sorry, it took so long to complete. I needed a break from electronics, but sometimes I get urges to sing. I’ve recorded a couple of songs, but the videos take a while to edit. The next ones will be  special requests, which I will work on when I actually learn the lyrics haha:

Yellow -Coldplay- Simplified Easy Chords Shortened Version

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