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05032021 10:18:00

I feel like my body is made of slime today. I can hardly sit up straight because of this strange weakness and brain fog. I can’t imagine how I’d be if I got vaccinated. I went to bed around 7PM last night and woke up at 4AM because my bladder was full! It was so annoying. I guess I didn’t actually sleep well last night so I am beyond tired today and super hungry. What a waste of a weekend. I didn’t get to rest or do anything. All I did was binge listen to One Ok Rock wishing that I could be like Taka or miraculously join their band! I had a strange ominous dream last night, now I’m all worried about what’s to come. 

The Dream: 

I was asked to do makeup for a trans-gendered man (let’s call him Ashley). I messed up his eyebrows, but there wasn’t enough time to lighten or change the shape. We were out at sea and he had to go on the other ship. Our ships were shaped out of this world, so imagine something that looks like a giant car that can go underwater. And the other one we were on is mostly flat, bigger and slower. He had to go on the smaller ship with Chickenpotpie. I was asked to be in charge of the giant silver balloons. It was very windy and the balloons were so HEAVY! I told the lady who handed it to me that they would blow me away and she agreed, but she had to give them to me anyways. My fingers were hurting from wrapping the ribbons around my hand. Ashley was in charge of driving the smaller ship. I heard him say that the fuel was running low, but the walkie talkie was not working. There was no way for him to warn the others or call for help, only I knew from telekinesis. So I had to try to tell Frank. We all knew the ship was not going to make it and all of the families would be left stranded at sea. My ship landed at a fair where I found Cheesecake and his family. His son wanted a hot dog, but all I had was veggies, so I had to trick him somehow into eating the veggies. He got upset and left me in the room alone to rest. I couldn’t rest because the bed broke. I asked Cheesecake to help assemble the legs of the bed. He said something mysterious, but it meant he was not going to help and I had to rest on the other bed that I was sitting on. I couldn’t sit properly and I felt like I was sliding off. It wasn’t enough to wake me up. Usually when I am falling, I’m supposed to wake up, but I stay struggling on the sloping bed. Part of me knew I was dreaming and I was waiting to wake up to my alarm. But when my alarm rang, I could not even get up. This is the slowest Monday ever…

It turns out I am a sugar addict. I have 9 out of 11 of the criteria listed in Dr. Berg’s video about addiction to processed foods.  Last Friday when I went to the market, I found Japan’s #1 strawberry roll cake! It truly is the best, I didn’t know a strawberry roll cake could get any better than the other one I used to eat, but it exists. So I ate the whole roll because it would not taste as good if I saved it for later. But I promise that April is the last time I eat cake…this year… OH, and it’s a miracle. There was yakitori! I didn’t have to fly to Japan because someone out there knew I wanted some, so they filled the store with it. Since my wishes are getting fulfilled, I’m gonna make a wish to see One Ok Rock soon! I hope that I can meet Taka and let him sign my back. Then I will get it tattooed so that I can keep it with me wherever I go. He fills the void in my heart that Chester Bennington left behind. I didn’t think it would be possible, but he did it and every song I listen to is surprisingly a hit! This one was stuck in my head for several days. So I added it to my list even though it’s not for beginners, BUT it’s so sweet–I have to share it with my lil army: 

Wherever You Are (Live Shortened Version) in English/Japanese


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