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05242021 14:44:00

If I am dreaming about Bart Simpson, then something is off. I cannot pinpoint or predict what will happen. It is another warning about a possible fire. I think it is either Wok or Bart Simpson, or it could have been both just switching bodies on me. I found “Bart” standing in front of a bakery holding something like giant matches or firecracker sticks. I stood between him and the store, but it was too late, it was already lit in ginormous flames. He was shocked and looked at the fire with an intense stare. It looked like he was already gone. He lost his mind, but his body was still there. I was looking for a way to put out the fire and I kept pushing him to get out of my way. Every step I took, he just appeared in front of me like a computer game glitch. It was so weird. Then his dad, “Homer” came to pick him up. Homer was not surprised by the fire because he knew it was something “Bart” would do. I just looked at them in disbelief as they drove off in the van and I was still trying to figure out how to put out the fire. There were moments of panic because I thought people were inside the building and there were moments where the people were standing outside just watching. It was strange and confusing. 

I guess this is the type of dreams I would get when Wok starts talking to me again. He is a lost cause, I cannot help those who cannot help themselves. And if his intention is to harm me, I cannot keep toxic people in my life. There must be an easier way to cut the cord. I mean, how many times do I have to block a person!??

On a lighter note, I had one of the coolest dream in my whole lifetime. It was so magical because I was in a museum filled with snake eggs. I watched baby blue snakes hatch. One was a lime green dragon. It was so beautiful and majestic. It looked like it was glowing in the dark. I was so happy to witness something like that even though it was only a dream.

Look at these blue babies, it’s sort of like the ones from my dream, but bigger. Someday soon, I will have a pet snake of my own when I have time to go to the pet store. Or maybe I will get a fish, or a bird, or a puppy, or a kitty…We’ll see. 

I spent the whole weekend looking at different animals. But the one that is deep in my heart right now is Shiba. I feel that if I get a pet, she will feel betrayed by me >.<! That reminds me, I had a dream she could speak English. She asked me my name and couldn’t stop calling me. I think in real life, she misses me. I can’t wait to see her next weekend–it’s been too long. I’m going to take her outside and see if she will climb a fence. But why would a dog climb a fence for fun? Maybe if I put a fake bird on top, she might want to catch it.  I need to find a fake bird.

Another cool dream I had was about a giant white owl. Owls are supposed to be smart, but this one was super silly and dumb. I was at a party, but everyone kept eating all of the food. I didn’t feel comfortable with the crowd of strangers sitting in the fancy red velvet room. A lady handed me a quail. I took one bite and someone else grabbed the salad in front of me. I was ready to leave because they were so ridiculously gluttonous! I ended up in a large marble grey white hall full of tall windows. The ceiling window was opened, so the beautiful white owl flew in and landed in the middle of the room. I opened the door and told the owl to come outside with me. The owl walked into the door and smashed his face several times. I was shocked and also running out of patience. I couldn’t figure out how to set the owl free and thought maybe it wanted to stay inside after all. Women were watching and laughing. I didn’t know what to do, so I left the owl in the building thinking it could figure how to escape on it’s own through another window. I left the door wide open and walked away.

Anyway, I have been resting after a long period of cramming math problems in my head–just to find out that my opponent is a very tall handsome man who speaks English very nicely. I feel that I do not stand a chance because he is over qualified for the role. It is a no brainer to choose him because he finished the exam in half the allotted time frame. It left me feeling defeated in so many ways, I have no idea what to do next in life. Have we really come to a point in time where there is not enough jobs out there for people like him to try instead?? Aren’t we in a phase where places are reopening?? At this rate, I think I should attempt nursing. I would need to build up my physical strength first. I need to start lifting weights now. I can barely lift 5 lbs sometimes! AAAH! My former boss called me and asked if I wanted to work with them again. I can’t believe I turned it down. I am at a fork in the road, but I am too afraid to jump at the moment. This is hurting my head. I’m overwhelmed–I need a nap. This is another long Monday, time to listen to Taka to get me though the rest of the day.

It’s almost June. I am going to start the next phase of my diet. ABSOLUTELY NO SUGAR/CHEESE/CAKES whatsoever for the rest of the year!!! I’ve been eating a lot of shiitake mushroom soup. I think it is working and I am s l o w l y getting better.


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