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06022021 15:24:00

I feel really strange today. I tried ZZZQUIL last night. It worked, but I woke up at 4! I was wide awake before the birds started singing. I love their song and I was so energized, but then when it was 7, I was ready to go back to bed. Now I’m like a sloth and all I could think about is CHEESE. Yes, I am a hypocrite today. Do I feel guilty? Yes, all the time, but I would regret it more if I stop myself from tasting greatness.  I had a slice of white cheddar for breakfast. Normally, I don’t eat breakfast, but now I feel like having an entire block of cheese. Good thing I only bought the small pieces. I also cannot wait to go to the market to try this red bean icecream that has mochi pieces on top. OMG I don’t want to live without sugar. If the vaccine was put in an icecream or a delicious drink, I bet you more people would be willing to eat it, especially if it’s the only food they have in front of them. I don’t get why there is an incentive such as weapons and scholarships. That’s so ridiculous! If people don’t want to get injected, then don’t make them! Everyone is different and the side effects are too scary. I’d rather get the virus and let my immune system fight it off naturally than let someone poke me with a needle. I heard people who have their second dose are getting endless nose bleeds and are so sick, they can’t function. Scientists are also trying to figure out why the vaccine causes blood clots in some people. That’s like me trying to figure out why grapefruit causes blood clots–I found that it doesn’t matter why or how, it just does and I eat it anyway (A lot of it,  almost everyday…because it tastes good.) Yesterday, I filled my cart with strawberries and grapefruit. A lady would not stop staring. She kept mumbling something I couldn’t hear, and crashed into a wall. I noticed that people are super nervous around me now. They fumble and drop stuff because I look so scary. I think it’s better than trying to attack or push me, but I probably move so slowly, it looks like I have a virus. I’m like that slow deer the lion does not want to eat even though he is starving. 

I have a lot of random stuff to talk about today because I am so bored and sleepy. I need to keep my fingers moving to stay awake. OR I could just watch One Ok Rock concerts all day long. I really want to make their music video, but not for their sad song! How am I supposed to draw a sad looking cupcake and animate it in time for the contest? That’s not fun to look at! I can’t think of any creative storyboard. I’d rather watch a video of Taka singing live on the stage than watch a music video of random storylines. 

OK, I had a strange dream the other day which felt like I went far into the future. 

I was in a beautiful giant mall in the food section. I tried to read the menu, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. It took me forever to order something I really wanted. (Reading in a dream feels like complete confusion and blindness because it makes sense but at the same time the words and numbers are nonexistent or gibberish calligraphy). I took so long that a line started to form behind me and the cashier started to take other people’s orders. When I finally ordered, she told me that the restaurant no longer accepts cash and that I have to pay with something like cryptocurrency! I scrambled to look for some in my digital wallet and luckily I had enough. It was the weirdest exchange, it worked sort of like apple pay. Then I went outside with my dessert that I ordered to look for my car in the parking lot. I parked so far, it was practically in front of my home. I went inside my futuristic apartment, which was almost empty because my family was in the middle of moving. I found StrawberryPie sitting in the corner of the room on the floor staring at a rolled up carpet. We were waiting for ChickenPotPie and Cheesecake to arrive. I went back outside and sat in the car to stare at trees as the sun was setting. Then I needed to go inside another store to use the restroom. On the way, there was an outdoor movie theater, similar to the Greek Theater, but better. There were lots of people gathered, but still “social distancing” by sitting a little far apart. I also passed by a beautiful semi outdoor library/aquarium. When I got to the bathroom, it was near a bar/restaurant. I ended up sitting at an empty table waiting for my dream “friends” who I do not know. They started chatting, but the rest of the dream was hazy or I woke up.

Last time I dreamt about getting asked to watch the movie, “Mission Impossible.” A few days ago, my nephews made me watch, “The Impossible”…It was the most disturbing movie I’ve seen in so long. The cameraman kept shaking and I got so dizzy, I went to sleep. I couldn’t even finish the movie after watching the mom vomit seaweed. YUCK! I do not recommend it. The rest of the weekend, I watched Thor Ragnarok. He’s so cute, it’s the only movie I can watch over and over again. Other than that, I can’t stand rewatching anything. You guys, I think I’ve been watching too much StanStan on Youtube because he keeps introducing new snacks. I even had a dream that he was not actually gay. I don’t want to go into detail and the dream was earlier in the week, so I already forgot most of what happened. In real life, it prepared me for a conversation I had with the family about raising gay children and guiding the parents on the road to acceptance. Sometimes, people feel a certain attraction to one gender and at other times in their life they may be attracted to the other gender. It doesn’t mean their feelings are  absolute and there is nothing wrong with exploring. If I had children, they would probably all be gay too, because…why not?…Life is difficult regardless of your sexuality and there are bullies everywhere all the time–just like diseases and STIs. And, if I was a guy, I’d be so gay for Taka. The end.


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