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8/9/21 13:09:00

It’s been a very long time… you’re probably wondering what in the world happened. For starters, I had to prepare myself for one of the best nights of my life. I practiced every day for a week to change my biological clock to Tokyo time so that I was able to stay awake for the special One OK Rock Live stream. I couldn’t believe there was a live audience. I was so jealous of the people in the front row. I know I tend to do crazy things for what I love, and this time it is Taka. I moved across the country just so that I could someday see Mike Shinoda or Chester Bennington. It took me 15 years to randomly see Mike Shinoda at Emo Night a couple years ago and that was also one of the best nights of my life. I was ready to die after that, but I’m so glad I didn’t because then I wouldn’t have discovered One OK Rock. So now I’ve made up my mind to move to Tokyo. It’s not going to be an easy move because of the Pandemic. And I need to learn Japanese first! I’ve put a halt on practicing English and only been watching Japanese films lately. Yes, I watched Kenshin: The Beginning all in Japanese and didn’t understand 85%, so I’ll move when I know 90% of what they are saying hopefully in a couple months. I’ve been researching on the quickest way to learn and it takes about 10000 hours which may be 2 years depending on how much you are focusing. So I’m going to cut that and basically study all day long for the next 2 weeks because time is not on my side. 

I also got very lucky about 2 weeks ago when I was walking to my car. A bee flew up my dress and I sat on it. So naturally, it stung me on my thigh and I discovered that bee venom can be used to cure viruses, such as coronavirus! I told my mom I don’t have to get vaccinated anymore because nature already did it for me. She didn’t believe a word I said. Anyway, I healed quickly by taping my leg with aloe vera for several days. And as I was bed resting, I was losing all my muscles and now I have to start a new diet plan because everything I worked so hard for this year flew out the window. I also found out that staying up for 1 day is equivalent to 6 months of a diet full of junk food. I’m trying to get my sleep cycle back to normal, so I tried to sleep at 6PM yesterday with the help of ZZZQuil. 

The result was some strange lucid dreaming and dreaming about me talking about my dreams that I had in the dream even though I sensed that I was still dreaming and I can feel my body laying down in my bed. But then again, it could be caused by the extra elastics that the dentist gave me this weekend. I don’t know why I keep torturing myself, I’m not sure if I was even thinking when I agreed on braces. I think I was half asleep when the doctor was talking about it and I just nodded OK, as usual. I regret not getting any chicken Karaage before the procedure last weekend, because now I can only have mushy potatoes. It’s not that I don’t like potatoes, it’s just not good for my thighs. My next goal is to get 11 to stick on my abs. I have no idea how that works, but I just heard about it and I’ll research more on how to get it later today. LOL I’m really not that shallow, but I find myself getting pickier with age and I have nothing else to really obsess over other than health, wellness and recovery this year. Since I cannot talk or sing for the next couple weeks, I will focus on running up and down a lot of stairways.    

The strange dream:

I was traveling on a bridge high up in the sky. Below was a large body of water full of colorful koi fish. Families were out and about enjoying their meals outdoors and under large pagoda shaped roofs. This is a fantasy world that I’m having a hard time describing, but I can draw it if I have to. Maybe someday in my future book or manga, you will see this dream because it’s unforgettable. I was with Strawberry Pie and his family. They were trying to show me a cool spot that they found. Or maybe I was trying to take them somewhere. On the way, I was telling them about the dream that I just had while I was asleep in the car. We arrived to the “cool” spot far from other people, but still close enough to see them watching anime on a large screen TV. I had a secret to tell his wife, so she put her ear toward my lips waiting for the whispers. I never knew what my own secret was in the dream because I never actually said it! She waited so long, she turned into a cat and fell asleep on me and I also fell asleep. (Yes, I fell asleep 3 times in my dream thinking that I woke up, but I never did in reality.)  She was a giant Maine Coon that took up all the space on the hammock. Everyone else turned into cats laying on a bed of tall bright green grass. The grass was up to my shoulders. When I saw the cats, I realized I was still dreaming. I started to get really scared of their sharp claws. They were moving around in their sleep and I thought they would scratch me and kick me off the grass. Then I finally woke up and concluded that I have a fear of cats afterall. Actually, I’m scared of every animal and living creatures and microscopic bacteria etc. starting today. 

I’m very sleepy even though I think I slept for 10 hours. There is a possibility that I have periodic limb movements of sleep (PLMS) or some type of sleep apnea. I’m not sure the cause. I’ve only been away for about a month and haven’t been tracking my new habits! So, I’ve sometimes added in marine collagen to my soymilk; OM which is a combination of shiitake and other mushrooms; ZZZQuils/ or Nyquil; extra topical Vitamin E for the bee sting, extra Spectrum Vitamins– and I do not even follow the full dosages of any of these things. So that means extra water and an excessive need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I noticed a lot of changes to the rhythm of my heart beat and now the right side of my face is numb. I’ve been massaging a lot trying to get the knots out of my back. WAS IT ALL WORTH IT? –Yes, yes it was, I would totally stay up again if One OK Rock had another late night concert. I will risk my life just to see them live. I don’t care if I have to sit for most of it or if I might die from coronavirus. They are worth it and I will give them all my money so that they don’t stop rocking out.


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