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10/15/21 12:52:00

Hi Folks! I know I said I was going to Vlog if I ever get the vaccine. Well it turns out that I have decided to get it tomorrow. I am not going to vlog the actual footage of me going to the hospital because it’s too chaotic over there and honestly… I’m nervous…about the outcome. I have thought about it long and hard for several months now. I flipped a coin several times which landed on heads telling me to go and get it. In conclusion, I have to go because change is scary. If I get off the path I am currently on one more time, I am afraid I will not like where I am headed. For the longest time, I believed that all I wanted more than anything was to retire so that I could rest and recover. But I realize now, after binge watching Techlead all week that I will end up trying to find ways to create something and I won’t be resting at all. For the past couple of days, I learned a little bit of Python, music theory, and I’m about to learn Korean for absolutely no reason other than fun. My brain is almost almost fried, but I discovered that all I really want to do is become as healthy as I can be. Techlead also taught me that I do not want to start a Vlog because it’s more fun to watch his life than to take the time to record and edit all these videos. I’m currently working on a different spooky project that will be released before Halloween! I had to take a break from getting 11 on my abs because once I got it, it immediately disappeared after I got really sick from something else that put me in bed for about a week. So I am going to start my exercise routine again as soon as I heal from the next virus that will be injected into me tomorrow o.O

I think that it will be an interesting experiment. I’m not sure if I want to survive it, but I know I’d like to live a little longer so that I can watch One OK Rock’s documentary and maybe go to one of their live shows in person at least ONCE before I get too old.

I am so glad Techlead made so many videos and has given so much great advice. I’ve never felt so connected and similar to someone. He has definitely lived the life I once thought I wanted, and if I was born a man, I think I’d be a lot like this guy, but I’m not! And I like the life that I’ve lived and I’m happy to be who I am today. I think I saw him once at Bear’s Lair picking up the same parfait that I got because I made it look so delicious!  He was wearing glasses and a black T-shirt, so it must be him. Unless he has a doppelganger, which he probably has many because he looks like one of my coworkers! >_< I will not tell her that though… Anyway, I wonder what we would have talked about if I said, “Hi”…  but that was ages ago.


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