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11/8/21 16:32:00 Mixing Vaccines…

Hello again bots! My life has been saved for a few more days–so it’s not the END yet. Last week, my primary care doctor suggested that I get J&J as my second dose because I had moderate side effects from Pfizer. Aside from unbearable itchiness, chest pain and difficulty breathing, I remember my left hand turned blue a few times and my left leg was in too much pain for me to jog and I could barely walk for several days. I didn’t start running again until Friday 11/5, which I found out is too stressful for my body and I ended up getting sick before my second dose. So, the doctor on site sent me home because I asked for Pfizer instead of J&J and she told me to talk to my doctor before getting my second dose since we both did not want to mix the vaccines. I checked several sources and supposedly mixing the vaccine will have a greater effect and J&J can activate more T-cells, whatever that means…I did not want to take the risk for additional side effects, so now I am waiting for a message from my doctor to approve Pfizer at a lower dosage since children have to take it now…poor babies… 

OH that reminds me, I had a dream about newborns having scary looking greyish blue eyes which indicated they were infected with something. It was a nightmare that reminded me of some zombie movie I watched a few years ago. I don’t remember what else happened in the dream, but it’s most likely going to come true. The other day, I dreamt of spiders, and I woke up with a spider inside my mesh canopy hanging in front of my face! How did it get inside??

I ended up watching Finch. It’s not really my type of movie because I thought it was a bit slow, but after getting through to the end, I think it is worth watching. It’s cute how he built a robot for a puppy. It made me reflect on my life and what I need to do next. I have decided my next destination is Tokyo. I came here to find Kenji, and it took me over 10 years to run into him. Luckily for me, I ended up running into 2 Kenjis!! There’s Kenji Shinoda and then Kenji Chan who opened me up to even more entertaining acts like Silk Sonic! I watched their videos on repeat this weekend wondering how in the world can they be THAT GOOD! I wish I could be as cool as Bruno Mars, my gawd, I have a long way to go in this lifetime… There is no way I can run into Taka here anytime soon, and he is definitely the one person I MUST see, so Tokyo, here I come! I cannot wait for Field of Wonder to come out this month–No idea where or how I will buy it on the day it’s released, so that’s a new adventure for me to walk into random stores hoping to find it!

I am done trying to meet Techlead, one minute he is in San Diego, back at his parents, and the next he is in Korea Town, this guy cannot make up his mind…but at least his video was a little helpful. I learned that I should start my business now if I wanna be “productive”… my YouTube is coming soon folks! …after I recover from my 2nd dose…  


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