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08232021 11:42:00

Unbelievable, the FDA is going to approve pfvizer just so people are more willing to take the vaccine and employers are forced to mandate the shots and fire those who are not vaccinated. I am at a crossroads. If I cannot decide, I will have to flip a coin. Part of me is saying thereContinue reading “08232021 11:42:00”

8/9/21 13:09:00

It’s been a very long time… you’re probably wondering what in the world happened. For starters, I had to prepare myself for one of the best nights of my life. I practiced every day for a week to change my biological clock to Tokyo time so that I was able to stay awake for theContinue reading “8/9/21 13:09:00”

06022021 15:24:00

I feel really strange today. I tried ZZZQUIL last night. It worked, but I woke up at 4! I was wide awake before the birds started singing. I love their song and I was so energized, but then when it was 7, I was ready to go back to bed. Now I’m like a slothContinue reading “06022021 15:24:00”

05282021 11:11:00

Taka…this song is too sad. =[ BUT sometimes it’s necessary to express these types of feelings. This song came right on time for what happened to me this week. I tried so hard this YEAR to accidentally relapse the other day. I was not thinking clearly and the only thing I had in my mindContinue reading “05282021 11:11:00”

05242021 14:44:00

If I am dreaming about Bart Simpson, then something is off. I cannot pinpoint or predict what will happen. It is another warning about a possible fire. I think it is either Wok or Bart Simpson, or it could have been both just switching bodies on me. I found “Bart” standing in front of aContinue reading “05242021 14:44:00”

05032021 10:18:00

I feel like my body is made of slime today. I can hardly sit up straight because of this strange weakness and brain fog. I can’t imagine how I’d be if I got vaccinated. I went to bed around 7PM last night and woke up at 4AM because my bladder was full! It was soContinue reading “05032021 10:18:00”

04232021 11:06:00 Taka!

These guys are amazing. I cannot believe I’ve been sleeping on them. I thought Ed Sheeran has the magic touch, but Taka has always had it in him the entire time, I just wasn’t paying attention. I was going to name my next fish after him, but after Kenji passed away, I probably won’t getContinue reading “04232021 11:06:00 Taka!”

04212021 15:08:00

I tend to overeat things that I love. I might have accidentally had too much hot cocoa today because I wasn’t paying attention and I just kept drinking to keep myself awake. I went to bed at 7:30PM but did not fall asleep until several hours later. So I am still sleep deprived for noContinue reading “04212021 15:08:00”

03132021 22:34:00 IDKH

I can’t stop listening to Dallon sing. It’s like a medicine I didn’t know I needed. I can’t sleep tonight and he takes me into a scary world that I don’t want to fall into. I try so hard to only listen to happy music but he draws me back into a space that forcesContinue reading “03132021 22:34:00 IDKH”


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