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07052020 06:00:00

I can’t sleep. I’m not going to blame it on Kanye West, but right now, he is occupying my mind. Cheesecake told me he is running for president and I felt a strange nostalgia as I reminisced on the time Trump ran for president. I immediately left the country and scoped out Europe for living prospects. This time I’m stuck because of COVID. But, I can’t say I’ve never felt so stuck before because I’ve seen worse—like the time when I decided to live in the jungles of Asia to test out my survival skills, which I discovered the hard way that I had none whatsoever. Back to Kanye, he’s been hinting at this for years, so I’m not that surprised. I can see why he would want to because he seems like the type who really wants to make changes and he has an influence on a lot of his fans. I remember when my friend would listen to his songs all day long and dance to it for years. Musicians can really move people and put them in a trance. Look at BTS and their army, it’s pretty insane. I’m speaking from my own experience of being obsessed to the point where I wouldn’t mind if RM ran for president. That’s how scary it is to be a celebrity— to have so much power over people. Their music keep people alive for those who hang on to their words for inspiration and to uplift their moods in order to just keep living when times are tough. I get you, Kanye. If I were you, I would run for president too. Especially at uncertain times like these when it feels like the world is ending, you just gotta go for it and live your dreams. But no, I’m not going to vote again, I’d rather be a mermaid and figure out why the fish are jumping out of the waters like crazy in China.

haha is this for real?

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