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11302020 10:59:00

After watching Alicia Keys cover BTS, I just had to hear the original for myself and fill you in on my awesome dream the other day. Her rendition was nice, but it sounded nothing like a BTS song to me and I am so glad to have listened to the original because it brought me a few minutes of happiness. That music video was so cute and peaceful. I dreamt I met RM at an airport. He let me hug him for the longest time and was so kind about it. He kept walking and I continued to hug him from behind like a weirdo as he was saying sweet nothings to me in Korean that I couldn’t understand, but in the dream I knew he was being super nice.. Ha.. ha… then I saw Jennie from BlackPink and I finally let go of RM. There were angry fan girls wondering how I got so close to him and trying to block me from going to Jennie.  I took some pictures with Jennie and RM was telling her how I’m such a great fan LOL. Then the rest of the BTS members showed up at the pool section and RM completely changed. He didn’t want another hug and he told the others to watch out for me because I’m a super weird fan. That was not cool, he wanted to appear differently in front of the boys. It made me so upset, I was no longer his fan, so I hung out with V and Kookie, but no hugging was involved. I didn’t even watch any of their music videos in the past couple days and had that dream of them. It was like a nice little gift. I hope you enjoy their song, Life Goes On, as much as I did.

The song title  reminds me of the DW documentary I watched over the weekend about How Pandemics Change the World.  Basically, it’s validation of everything I was looking for this entire time since I started this blog. It talks about finding a diary that describes people no longer treated as humans. Everyone who had a virus gets locked up to die away from others. And that the virus stays in the air and rapidly morphs into a more deadly version of itself. Do I need to go on? 

So I’m very thankful that someone out there made this documentary so that I do not have to read a history book. I ended up binge watching their other videos.

The documentary gave me a nightmare. I was walking in a grassy field. I remember seeing my colleagues, but it was hard to reach them because skeletons kept getting in the way. I tried my best to avoid them, but they managed to tug on me and tried to stop me from moving. It’s not like they were trying to eat me, but just seeing them reach out for me was scary enough. Some of them had clothing that were ripping off along with pieces of flesh. It was a strange horrific sight.  

These types of dreams make me want to stay in and not do anything for the rest of the day. I know a handful of people who are sick. Some tested positive, and it is very scary and depressing, but I know they will be OK in the end. If it weren’t for my roommate, I’d be sleeping all day. She encourages me to walk by the ocean with her or hike up steep hills to get sunshine. I’d talk for hours, but I can’t tell if she likes it or prefers silence. But it’s interesting to know we’re not afraid of death. The long walks take up all of our time…I don’t mind it, but I didn’t get to study for my upcoming exam, so I am nervous. This is the last test I will put myself through because I feel now that it is not worth it. I have a handful of projects I’d like to get started on, and I can’t wait to share. I am happy where I am and I know where I want to be. (◕◡◕✿)

(P.S. to my online pen pals: I receive your messages, but I’m sorry my responses do not seem to reach you.)


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