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08292020 12:36:00

Why do I keep dreaming of dying people. It was the black panther man sitting next to RKelly and now he is gone. I could hardly sleep last night and had heart palpitations. It was also difficult for me to breathe. I couldn’t stand it staying up until 5 AM for no reason. Then when I finally fell asleep, I saw BanhBao in bed with his sister. She jumped to the corner of the wall and was so guilty but at the same time she tried to justify the situation. She told me she broke up with her ex a while ago and so what if she is in love with her brother, she got what she wanted. I just walked out of the apartment feeling indifferent but at the same time I was satisfied knowing I was right about them all along. But the fact that I still dream about BanhBao is disturbing… maybe not as disturbing as dead people but it’s still annoying. This whole night just ruined my Saturday because now I have to catch up on my sleep. Fk BanhBao!


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