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08282020 18:00:00

I’ve been MIA again because I started cleansing. I ate all of the black papaya seeds last weekend and had a terrible reaction the next day. Before that, I also had delicious ginger and turmeric shots. So I’ve been recovering from that all week and was not able to do my usual walks or jogs at the park. My family started going to the beach and as soon as they came home, they showered one by one. I waited in line for the bathroom and immediately after I started to feel a strange tickle in the back of my throat and my nose. It was so uncomfortable and I was nauseated and now today I am sneezing and coughing. I also went to Noodle World and got a Thai Spicy Steak Salad! (Because I like to treat myself on Fridays.) It was kinda good, but it gave me a stomach ache all day long. I never felt this much pain in so long. I’ve only had salad every meal for a whole few weeks and when I finally add beef, there goes my stomach… But I don’t want to complain. I feel bad for these people who can’t smell their coffee anymore. I would hate to not smell or hear anything. My ears are starting to hurt a lot today. Here is the video about the corona virus affecting your senses and memory:

Let’s get into the strange dreams I’ve been having lately. I don’t remember if I wrote about the time I dreamed about my friend’s closet, but now I am actually moving into his old “underground closet” in real life! I’ll be busy this weekend and next weekend getting situated in my new place. I’m not sure why his ex wants to help me out, but I guess there are angels out there after-all. I really appreciate her being so helpful all the time even though she hardly knows me. One of my brothers told me that now is not the time to move, but I should not stay “homeless” either…so I gotta go. I’ll stick around here for a little bit longer maybe up to January, and I’ll reconsider my bigger move to the East later. This week I had a dream about celebrities like R Kelly, Leonardo DiCaprio, some actors I don’t know the names of, my brothers– OH and Dumpling. I’ll start with Monday night:

Dumpling was in the back of my car watching me try to talk to StrawBerryPie’s Wife who was completely ignoring me. Then StrawBerryPie was trying to explain something to me and said, “Oh, I didn’t know you know Dumpling?!” …In my head, I was like, Oh how do you two know each other and why is Dumpling here and how did he suddenly get in the back of my car! Yea, creeper vibes…

Then in real life, StrawBerryPie was texting me and trying to convince me not to move or sell my car.

OK Next dream:

The security guard from the first floor delivered a lot of boxes to me and said to distribute it to R.Kelly and Leonardo and that Other actor I dunno and maybe Beyonce was there and also Alicia Keys, I dunno! But it was an interesting dream because these people were either seeking some therapy or they were just chilling with me. Then I had to go outside and I think it was Edward/Rob Pattinson picked me up and gave me a ride but I dunno where we were headed. It was kind of fun and it was a nice sunny day and I saw beautiful flowers. If only that part was real….

Hm, I suddenly cannot remember my other dreams at the moment…to be continued…


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