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08302020 23:35:00

I was so sleepy all day and suddenly I’m wide awake all because of pink sweats. He has a very interesting voice that I don’t want to stop listening to. It’s almost as addicting as Jungkook’s. If I was him, I’d never stop singing. His tunes have this familiar feel to it but a nice freshness. It feels like I’m listening to Beyoncé and Neyo but looking at Ceelo. Plus he likes to wear one of my favorite colors. If we can, I would drop everything to see him in concert. He makes me wanna sit in the middle with a glass of wine and cry to the beauty of his voice. He still has a long way to go, but it’s something special if he can make me feel this way. I’ve been listening to him on repeat and even tried to write my own song, but I got writers bloc and I caannnt siiing. When I have time, I will learn this song. I miss being in quarantine doing whatever I wanted and sleeping in. I got tricked into actually doing work. I thought I was just gonna sit and stare at an empty room. But no, I have to actually use my brain. Now my back is in so much pain again. I finally exercised and did stretches. I have a long way until I can do a split, but that’s my new goal. For all of you out there chilling at home, I envy you. Goodnight.


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