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09262020 22:16:00

This was something I’ve been wondering from the start and all studies I’ve found had the same answer, NO, lol. My guess is that they have high vitamin D and malaria medicine in SA. Those malaria pills sort of work against the parasites, but the creatures over there are larger and stronger. Meaning the coronaviruses over there are also stronger and grows more rapidly. And the humans over there are stronger physically because they are way more active generally. So if scientists are there collecting antibodies or cures from them, they are collecting those parasites in the bloodstream. Yuck!
OK, I caved this week. I got some medicine because my symptoms are so horrible after running and eating a delicious burger with cheesy hot fries. I also indulged in duck buns and boiled peanuts. The pain is not worth it, so I will start on my salad diet again. I don’t think I can do a fast anytime soon because I get so hangry I can’t control my emotions. Everyone is yelling at me everywhere and tension is rising. I’d rather go live in the forest at this point. I couldn’t handle the jungle. I think I do better in cold conditions. I’d like to freeze than to melt. I’ve done all I can to get exposed to coronavirus and this video just proved that I might be immune to it… Grrreeeaaat…

Last night I had a pleasant dream of dumpling for the first time. He was actually super nice to me and sent me a cute manga confessing his love. But that’s just a dream, he has no humanity in him to even love in reality because he loves himself too much.

My nightmare this week was about a zombie apocalypse in Europe. I was walking outside with a bunch of zombie students. Luckily they move slowly so I wasn’t that scared. But still, I woke up with the same question all the time—WTF was that!

I met up with an old friend yesterday. She was trying to make me go to church with her as usual. But I really don’t feel comfortable gathering in a room with all those people for hours until midnight. What if I have COVID and infect them!? I don’t want to be the cause of their ailments. She told me her work place is suffering from back biting and people are panicking and desperate to make money. It’s so funny because I just had this talk with SugarPie last year. He said what if there is an emergency, you need to know how to survive in the woods. I thought it wouldn’t happen in my lifetime. But he was so right. It’s time for me to return home, there’s nothing left for me here.


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