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09282020 14:51:00

I ended up finishing and submitting my creation into the Horror Contest. You can check out When Nightmares Come to Life Here. It’s supposed to be a drawing of my nightmares this year, but I have no idea how to use the app or digitally draw or color yet. So that’s how it turned out, like it or not. It’s confusing as hell just like my dreams. I had a dream I was balding and a paper 2D creature came through my window to scare me. Demons with human bulging eyes would choke me until I wake up. Another demon witch lady is attached to my left leg with her long sharp fingernail, but she looks like a black blob with breasts and hair. (It’s rated PG, so I couldn’t be too detailed with the art.) She refuses to let go of my thigh. I lay in bed awake with my eyes open trying to tell myself to wake up, because it’s only a dream. But I cannot wake up no matter what. The demons set the house on fire in rage. Innocent, young dead people are hanging by the closets. The dream catcher is in flames and no longer works.

It might not look scary at all to you. BUT to me, it is a memory that I cannot un-see. If there is another artist out there who wants to attempt to draw my description. That would be interesting. For now, this is a start. A start to facing my fears and my demons. A start to healing and finding peace. I used to be afraid to think of these demons. But now that I forced myself to think about them all month long to draw them, they are no longer as scary to me.

October was always my favorite month. It opens a portal to the other side. But now I no longer like it as much because it reminds me of Dumpling. He tried again to reach out to me, but I gently declined, just like how I gently declined the french fries.


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