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1112021 14:11:00

It feels like I have been gone for so long. I started to get symptoms two days after I stopped taking Tylenol and I ran out of NyQuil at the end of December. I didn’t even think I was going to make it on 1/1 because my shortness of breath was getting so severe. But I ended up steaming my face with ginger water all night long. I felt better after doing that for a week and taking more Tylenol. I also started on some Boric Acid which made me have Herxheimer Reaction. I was unable to sleep for several days and then I realized that my feng shui was completely off. I rearranged my room so that my bed is now in the South facing North East and I feel much better now! My health is improving, I got my Real ID and I got free furniture– so I’m feeling lucky! 🐱

I have more energy to start making new content for the new year and I’m ready to make new friends and to collaborate on new projects–from a distance! Let’s take the time to enjoy the new lifestyle despite all the strangeness happening around the world. I hope you can still find peace and joy. 

I’ve had some crazy dreams that are difficult to remember, but the one last night is still fresh in my mind. My father was laying on the couch watching a movie. I brought him a green crab apple with a baby knife. I took forever to cut it into thin slices for him. By the time I finished, he handed me a basket of red  gala apples he already cut for me. I felt bad because the apples would go to waste since I would get full from only one apple. (In real life, he planted many apple trees. I have a feeling the apples are finally going to grow this year!) The scene changed and I was in an airport where I saw Papaya talking to Lil-Aunty about shipping me somewhere. I felt so betrayed. I am not an object to be tossed around! Then my alarm woke me up and I had to drag  my butt to work. (I hate MONDAYS because I never fall asleep early on Sundays.) 

As for my nightmare from a few days ago. I was trying to eat the rest of the pasta in my soup, but I had a hard time picking up the little pieces onto a spoon. BanhBao’s Step mom came behind me and poured a bottle of coke  into my soup. She stormed away into the kitchen with her nose facing the ceiling. His older brother told me to ignore her behavior. I suddenly lost my appetite. The grandma was making mean faces and smirking at me. The scene changed to a parking lot at a mall. I was waiting in the car with the older brother as Banhbao walked in on us as if we were doing something fishy because his hand was holding mine (YUCK!). Banbao had a very sad look in his eyes and held my other hand as he sat with me on the right side. (Not sure how we all fit in the front seat of a car that way, but it’s a dreamworld.) I woke up wondering why am I still dreaming about these people!?

I think I’ve been dreaming about food because YouTube keeps recommending me all sorts of goodies! I finally got to taste Taiwanese Beef Noodles. It was made so perfectly and the beef was so tender. I also tried their Bitter Melon Pork soup. They included soft cartilage–my favorite! I was so happy because it was so soft that it didn’t even hurt to chew. That was a few days ago, now my teeth are actually hurting and finally moving! The wires are cutting in the sides of my cheeks, and now my face is swollen! (-‸ლ)

I usually jog in the evenings at nearby parks, but yesterday, all of the parks were closed and the bathrooms were locked. So I went to the Asian Market to use the restroom. I couldn’t help but to stock up on jello. They no longer sell my favorite Black Tea flavored jelly, so I got passion fruit (which I normally do not like, but I was desperate for jello!). Surprisingly, it is JUST AS delicious and addicting! I also got Taiwanese Grass Jelly which I can’t stop thinking about. All it takes is one drink to throw me down the rabbit hole. I just had to taste that Winter Melon Tea with Grass Jelly from the boba shop. The sugar content is still too much and too addicting–I don’t know if I can break this habit. My roommate got me a Tiramisu Cheesecake from the CheeseCake Factory on New Years Eve. That was a bad idea because we had to wait over an hour. Her son who also tested positive for Covid waited in the car with me and he accidentally sneezed in my face. So that is probably why I got really sick… (πーπ)…But anyway, I’m a little better now functioning at 15% instead of 5%. All I could think about is jello cheesecake (How have I lived for so long unaware of this beautiful creation! I really need to know how it tastes.) I will probably get dessert tonight and make a mukbang. My Bro “Cheesecake” has been sending me a ton of mukbang, so I might as well join the wagon and fulfill your requests ಠ‿↼. 

This is going on my bucket list.

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