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04232021 11:06:00 Taka!

These guys are amazing. I cannot believe I’ve been sleeping on them. I thought Ed Sheeran has the magic touch, but Taka has always had it in him the entire time, I just wasn’t paying attention. I was going to name my next fish after him, but after Kenji passed away, I probably won’t get another fish, so I named my guitarlele after Taka ^-^. He can sing anything — I wish I could do that! Anyway, I’ve been up all night listening to One Ok Rock albums. Their song Renegades is so addicting and perfect for the upcoming movie. I really want to get a bokken and practice wielding a sword again, forget the bamboo bo. I ended up using it as a curtain rod. Back to Taka, I’m obsessed! Only Japan can come up with the cutest rock band in the world. I wish I could go to their concert someday soon. Once the pandemic is over, that’s the first place I will fly to & no one can stop me because it’s gonna be so much fun, and I will eat Yakitori! 

Last night I had a dream about the most delicious looking desserts I have ever seen. I don’t think it even exists in real life, so I cannot really say what it is. The closest thing is some sort of boba shop with shaved ice and jellies???!! I don’t know but I loved it so much that the people made me work there. I didn’t want to work, but they tricked me into it somehow and I had to serve the guests all of the goodies on the menu because the staff kept handing it over to me first. I wanted to eat the desserts so badly, but I had to keep giving it to the customers instead! What kind of torturous dream is that!!?? I’ve also been dreaming about chicken wings and other foods in the past couple days, but this one stood out to me. I had to take my break and go to the bathroom, but on my way, I took off my “costume” which revealed my leg. So a white dog bit my right calf. He thought my leg looked delicious and wouldn’t let go. At least I wasn’t bleeding, but it was annoying and I was starting to get scared because he wasn’t a very cute dog. I don’t know the breed, but he had scary sharp teeth almost like a sharks’ mouth. Also, Chickenpotpie was the one who told me to go to the shop in the first place and she was one of the customers. Anything with her involved is always some sort of trickery. In short, I was supposed to meet her and pick up the desserts, but her friends who were the staff tricked me into working I guess…

(14:42:00 update after my nap break):

I just remembered the other half of the dream after the dog bit me, he went towards the other end of the hall because he wanted to bite the man on the other side who was just a shadow, so I didn’t recognize who it was. BUT before the dog bit me, the staff told me she lost her ring in the “cotton candy” dessert thing. I dug through the large bowl and found 3 rings and put them on. I tried to give her all 3, but she said she only lost 1. So I tried to take off the other two, but they were stuck because my middle and ring fingers got fatter. The rings were so tight and they all looked the same, so I couldn’t even tell which one was even hers. Sometimes it started to look like tatoos. It made me so nervous, so that’s why I needed the bathroom break because I was freaking out over the rings and getting fat fingers! I also had sticky hands and needed to wash them!

LOL I think I had that dream because I was trying to stop myself from eating the last matcha icecream bar after dinner. YES, I put the bar back in the freezer and ate chicken tenders with chick fil le sauce MMMMM… that explains my strange dream… I also finished that chocolate roll cake in one night, which I mentioned in the last post. It was even better than I imagined because the cream filling was also chocolatey!!! I think the strawberry one is better, so I will get one last cake today if they still have some. Usually, they don’t which is why I have to get it before it’s gone – just like how they no longer sell my favorite chips or chocopie! 

So it turns out, I have a lot of regrets and heartache, which I didn’t realize I had until I heard Taka sing this song. I tried my best to learn Japanese, but it was a tongue twister and the bird outside my window started singing louder than me!  I couldn’t finish the whole song and then I finally fell asleep. This is dedicated to My Luv and I’m so sorry to this very day. I’ve learned my lessons and I always strive to be a better person ever since–even though you’ll never know & it’s time to Let Go.


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